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School Maid                    by: Anne O’Nonymous


Part Four--Cutest Little Baby Face!

"You really make a nice baby! Were you this cute as a child," Chris inquired.

Michelle nodded her head.

Chris pulled her as close as she could. "I don’t have classes for awhile, so for the next three days, you’re going to be my baby Michelle," she stated, kissing him on the tip of his nose. "Good night, sweetie."

The tangled pair settled in for the night.


Now imagine, if you can, waking up in a strange room with some unidentified object in your mouth (Not that object!) and your arms secured around a charming bed companion. Then she wakes up, happily kisses you on the nose, saying, "How’s my baby Michelle today?"

Michelle’s first thought was, "Where the hell am I," followed by, "Whoa. How did I get so lucky?"

"How are you feeling?" Chris asked.

Before she could answer, there was a knock on the door as it slowly opened. First to enter was Susan, accompanied by Mary and Terri. Terri walked over to the bed, untied and removed the baby cap followed by the pacifier, as Susan pulled back the covers and took off the restraining cuffs on the wrists. Mary went to the foot of the bed to remove the bindings on the legs.

"How does your back feel, Michelle," Susan asked as she pulled up the gown and pushed down the panties to examine the lower area.

"Back feels OK! In this position I completely forgot about it!"

"Terri, would you go down and get things ready for breakfast. We’ll help Michelle, if she needs it!"

Terri curtsied, then left. Susan worked the clothes down far enough to remove the padding and bandages. She called Mary over to where she was and showed her, saying, "See. The area is fairly dry so it closed up nicely with no new blood. What blood there was has clotted nicely, so it should heal with minimal scaring -- a faint line."

"Looks good! What about pain on sitting -- will that last?" Mary inquired.

"Should be gone by noon today. It was mostly caused by concentrating on it -- you know, if you don’t think about, you don’t even notice it," was Susan’s assessment.

"Sounds good! Now, Michelle, you can say yes or no. The girls want to emm, well, they want to play with you," Mary replied, "Chris wants to mother you! She thinks you are so-o-o-o cute as a baby!"

"Please say yes," came from a previously silent Chris, "be my baby for awhile!"

Michelle could see the pleading in her eyes, and just could not refuse her. The question, mainly, was for how long and what would she think later. "Chris, how long would you like me for?"

"Only the next three days, darling," came from Mary, "I don’t want to lose my maid."

In the next ten minutes, Chris was up, robed and slippered(?). Michelle exchanged her booties for slippers, then Susan replaced Michelle’s baby cap, and helped her to put a robe on. The quartet headed for breakfast, with Mary and Susan in front, and Chris, assisting Michelle, following.

On entering the dining area, Michelle noticed two more new faces. She was guided to an oversized chair. The arms of this padded chair extended 4" further from the backrest, with bolts showing, and a Y-shaped crotch strap, buckles on each arm of the "Y," came up from the middle of the seat. Michelle was seated, her arms placed at her sides. The belt was pulled up and passed over the arms to be fastened to something out of sight in the back of the chair. She was shown a padlock that was quickly used on the buckles in the rear. Next came a tray, with two long wooden pieces extending from it, which was placed in front of her. Terri showed Michelle then handed Chris two wing nuts to use on the armrest bolts.

Chris started to giggle when Terri handed her a bib from the downstairs nursery. She showed the bib to Michelle, who was now a captive audience. The lace-edged bib, embroidered with ducks and flowers, read: "My Sweet, Precious Babykins." After the bib was fastened, a plate containing scrambled eggs with diced ham, onions and peppers was placed in front of her. The chair was turned towards Chris so she could spoon feed him.

First, Chris would eat a bit, then feed Michelle, with, "Open up, sweetie. That’s a g-o-o-o-d girl!" The others at the table would say "What a pretty girl," "She sure does obey her mommy," and "She’s so precious!" Even Mary got into the act, saying, "I hope I don’t have to look for another maid, she’s enjoying her status t-o-o-o much!" After breakfast, Chris wiped Michelle’s face clean, as any mommy should.

Later, seated in the living room, as Terri and Bettie did the dishes, Chris had Michelle sitting across her lap sucking on a baby’s bottle filled with orange juice. Susan sat watching the pair, a grin on her face, as she thought, "Michelle seems to be enjoying this."

Ms. Murphy entered the room, smiled at the scene of domestic bliss emanating from mother-daughter (otherwise known as Chris and Michelle), then took her seat, as the two new girls following her did the same. Gloria was next, then Terri and Bettie, having finished the dishes, were the last of the group.

"Ladies and baby Michelle," Mary announced with a grin, "I would like to introduce my guests. Both understand the house rules. First," -- Mary waved her hand in the direction of a brunette -- "Consuelo aka ‘Connie’ Juarez." The attractive young lady smiled at the group. "Second," -- she then indicated a black-haired beauty -- "Dana Chapman. Connie is organizing at state, while Dana will be at an undisclosed location. They will be going through some final training, and will be staying a week."

At a nod from Mary, Chris said, "Come on Michelle! The big girls want to talk, and I want to take you up and get you dressed so we can go outside for some air." Michelle was taking Chris’s hand, to go back to the room they came from, when Terri said, "Chris, Michelle has her clothes and some special items already for her. I’ll be up later to help you with the little dear!"

"That’s good. Thanks, Terri."

The pair walked up the stairs, and into the room they occupied last night. Chris lead Michelle to the bathroom. "I’m going to give you a lovely bubble bath, sweetie. Then I’ll dress you real pretty -- would you like that?"

"Yeth, Chrith," Michelle lisped with a smile, playing the game with Chris.

It was nice having someone as pretty as Chris give you a bubble bath, wash and condition your hair, then pat you dry. After the bath, Chris wrapped her in a towel -- girl-style -- and lead her into the bedroom, where Terri was waiting.

"I’m here to help you with Miss Michelle," she reported, her eyes twinkling with amusement.

"Good. OK, Michelle, up on the bed, face down!"

After she was in the requested position, Chris applied baby oil, then massaged it in, being careful around the "wound" area. Next, she sprinkled Michelle with a floral scented powder.

As Chris left to wash her hands, Terri approached with an unusual device. It roughly resembled an "H," with a tubular extension, shaped like a penis, across one upright and a sheath, with attached net bag, on the other. Terri, wearing latex gloves, slipped a condom on the tube, then liberally used a lubricating jelly.

"On your side, sweetie. Mommy Terri will be as gentle as possible!"

Michelle turned, and soon felt the "penile" extension slip into him. It was somewhat painful, but not as much as he expected. A strap with the sheath was pulled up between her legs. She was now allowed to lay on her back. Terri put the testicles into the net bag, then worked a condom over the penis and into the sheath. She then inserted two batteries into holders on each side of the sheath. On one side, Chris, having returned, reached for the belt going around the hip as Terri did the same on the other side. On the end of the belt was a lock similar to those used on luggage. The clicks of the locks were ominous.

"Now that didn’t hurt, did it, sweetums," Chris exclaimed, with a grin. "Next is your diapers and panties."

"Chris, do you think we should tape a pad over the wound?"

"Couldn’t hurt!"

Terri quickly produced three gauze pads, as Michelle turned on her side. Within a minute, the pads were stacked, then taped in place, and Chris took advantage of the situation, placing the diaper under Michelle, while Terri started heating rollers for her hair.

Chris, now dressing her, soon had the diaper pinned on and the elastic panties pulled up and in place. The panties that followed were blue satin rhumba panties with long legs reaching the knees, each one encircled with seven rows of lace, and covering the crotch was a pink heart, with lace edging. Heart-appliqued anklets with a lacy, turned-down top were followed by a pair of black Mary Janes.

Terri now took Michelle over to the vanity, where she worked on the hair, using the hot rollers. Chris wrapped adhesive tape around four fingers of Michelle’s left and right hands, pulled a mitten over each hand and laced it halfway up the arm. A taffeta pettislip was next, followed by a dress that could be best described a little girl’s party dress.

The pink satin, knee-length dress, with a white tulle underskirt, had cap sleeves ending with three pearl buttons at the wrist. The bodice had a white lace inset, edged with pink ruffles. It was fastened in the rear by twelve buttons, with a pink sash, tied in a big bow, encircling the waist. The next-to-last item was a harness -- similar to the ones used on a baby -- that buckled, and locked, in the rear. Next, Chris attached a leash to the harness, as Terri started to remove the rollers and brush Michelle’s hair.

‘Mike’ was sinking lower and lower into femininity, as all the fancy dress and frilly underwear were being applied. Each time he moved, the taffeta made a swishing sound -- was that what he was becoming? Did he really make the right decision? What would be the final outcome of all this -- was it to breakdown his masculinity, destroy him, to a point where he walked, talked, thought, and had intercourse like a woman. There he was, sitting on a bench, having a woman brush out his hair in a most feminine manner, with petticoat and panties showing. The old fight or flight reaction was gone -- now it was accept!

Terri winced as she saw the concern on Michelle’s face. "What’s troubling you, dear?"

Chris also saw Mike’s look, and asked, "Do you want us to stop? If this is too much for you, we’ll take it off!"

‘Mike’ was touched by their consideration. "I don’t know! It’s just that I’m not much of a man for letting you do this to me!"

Chris started to laugh, then said, "Mike -- this is play! It is meant to be a bit of fun for all of us. If you don’t enjoy it, we can’t. Look, sweetie, this is a means of relaxing. We forget the ‘who and what we are’ and just be -- sort of like Hallowe’en. Please, just play along with us, we promise that we will not harm you, and I think you might have a little fun, too!"

She could have a point, after all what danger was there. The estate was isolated, so what if she did have guests. "How much worse could it get," thought ‘Mike’ as he nodded.

Terri affixed the last item -- a pink, ribboned bonnet with white ruffles -- to the head, tying the ribbons in a big bow under the chin. Coral lipstick, light blusher and a spritz of perfume completed the outfit.

"Come on, sweetie. Let’s go show everyone how pretty you look!" Chris said holding the leash, as Terri lead Michelle by the hand down the hall and stairs to the living room where Ms. Murphy was waiting with her guests. As they entered the room, Chris said, "Curtsey to Auntie Mary and her friends, Miss Michelle."

After executing a very nice curtsey, she heard, "Oh, she is just perfect. Are you going outside to the play area?"

"Yes, ma’am. She’s been cooped up too long," Terri replied.

Susan came over, looked at the "pretty young miss," smiled a beautiful smile, then said, "I would never believe he could look so adorable!"

Michelle felt strangely happy at the complimentary remarks.

Chris tugged on the leash, saying, "Come on, dear. Let’s get you out for some air."

She was lead back through the kitchen, where she got more compliments from Bettie, washing dishes, and Gloria, who said, "I don’t know of any little girl who is as lovely as you!" The kiss that followed, from Bettie and Gloria, came as a nice surprise.

At last, the trio came out of the house at the carport. The fresh air was wonderful, especially to one who hadn’t been out in it for some time. Chris lead her to a fenced-in grassy area, about 25’ by 30’, containing several plastic beach balls, an oversized swing set, a see-saw, a patio set with the required umbrella, and several lounge chairs. On one side, a piece of 1-1/2" pipe stuck up about 2’ from a padded concrete base. About 3" from the top there was a steel ring, 5" in diameter and 3/8" thick, going through the pipe. Running from that ring was a chain, with a 3" steel sliding ring on it, going to a similar pipe near the opposite side. A 3’ length of chain was welded to the 3" ring and a padlock welded to the opposite end.

Taking her by the hand, Terri lead Michelle over to the swings and one in particular. This one was a large padded metal chair, with very strong chains holding it. The back of the seat had a slot. Chris removed the leash and put Michelle in the swing. A ring on the harness went through the slot on the swing, and a carriage bolt fitted through the ring. Once the nut on the bolt was tightened, Michelle was quite secure in her swing. Other straps in the front bound her further.

Chris went first, giving Michelle a push outward. As she came back, Chris continued. The pushes were just enough to move her a little, about the same as if she was a three-year-old girl. In a few minutes, Terri took over. Michelle relaxed as she swung back and forth -- it was a nice day, and she was, finally, outside. Then the vibrators started -- swing out, the penis sheath went, and swinging back, the butt plug started. This went on for at least half an hour.

"Well, little missy Michelle, did you have fun," Chris asked, as she unscrewed the holding bolt and restraining straps.

"Yeth, Chrith," Michelle answered.

Terri was grinning from ear to ear as she said, "that should put you in the mood for tonight!"

"Hey, Terri -- I’ve got baby Michelle for tonight, remember?"

"Oh, that’s right!" Terri replied while taking the "baby’s" hand.

The pair took Michelle over to the chain with the padlock, where Chris produced a key, unlocked it and soon the pair had the "baby" secured to the chain. Chris and Terri began pushing the balls to her, as others from the house came out to enjoy the air! Dana joined Chris in the ball game, as Terri claimed a lounge chair. Later, a relaxed Mary joined in! Several times Michelle seemed to have a squirming fit as the vibrators went off, much to the girls’ amusement.

In a while, Gloria, bearing a tray of snacks, followed by Bettie, carrying a tray with glasses and two filled pitchers, joined the group.

"I’ve got ice tea and orange-grapefruit," Bettie announced, "with a big bottle of OJ for Michelle!"

Mary got the padlock key and leash from Chris, released Michelle from the chain, snapped on the leash and took her over to a lounge chair. There she sat, with, "Michelle, honey, climb up on Auntie Mary’s lap, like a good little girl."

There were pictures just waiting to be taken, and Connie obliged. Mary, sitting on a lounge chair, was cradling Michelle’s head and shoulder with her left arm and feeding her a baby bottle with the right. Later, she fed her a sandwich, cut into smaller pieces.

"Michelle, honey, seeing you here like this makes me wonder if maybe I did the right thing," Mary commented sadly, "I guess now these young girls on campus are the substitute for the children I didn’t have."

‘Mike,’ sucking on his bottle, didn’t know what to say.

Michelle went from one lap to another -- before long, Chris came over to retrieve Michelle for her afternoon nap.


This bed was too comfortable, as it took quite a few shakes to try and wake her up from the nap. The vibrators were put into action, and Michelle woke with a start. She opened her eyes and saw Terri grinning down at her.

"Well, little missy, did you enjoy your nap time?"

"Yeth, mommy Terri," came out unconsciously.

"Come on, sweetie, time for din-din. Let’s get you washed and prettied up!"

Later, after clean-up, it was down the stairs holding Terri’s hand and back to the high chair, with the baby bib. On this occasion, she was placed between Susan and Connie to be fed. "Din-din" consisted of fish, peas, carrots, and potatoes -- all well mashed for baby Michelle. Considering the circumstances, it was rather nice being fed by a very attractive woman and a pretty young girl. Again, a bottle of juice in the living room, this time it was held by Dana. She was holding Michelle tightly, as if an unknown force was trying to tear them apart, and was, for some not yet understandable reason, crying.

The rest of the night went quietly. Bettie, Terri and Chris worked cleaning up the kitchen. Gloria was absorbed in her favorite reading -- a murder mystery. One of the girls found some children’s books, and Dana was now reading Michelle a story. A glance at Mary showed her to be amused at the situation. Michelle, for her part, sucked on the pacifier in her mouth.

Soon, Terri and Chris gathered her up and lead her by her leash up to bed. Chris went to shower and change, while Terri stripped Michelle down to her diapers. These were removed, and the strapped-on vibrators soon followed. The discarded garments were put in the wash, and a clean diaper, rubber panties, booties and gown were placed on the bed, ready to use.

With Michelle on her stomach, Terri wiped the backside with baby-wipes, then used a fragrant powder. Before long, she was dressed for the night and tucked in bed, then given a good night kiss. Chris promptly joined her in bed, as Terri put out the room lights, said "Good night" and closed the door.

"Chrith," Michelle said softly, "why wath Dana crying today?"

Chris lay there for a minute pondering if she should tell the story as she knew it. "This really doesn’t concern a little girl like you, missy. Now go to sleep like a good girl."

"Pleath, mommy," she pouted, "I promith I won’t thay anything!"

"Well, OK. Don’t tell anyone I told you this, ’cause this was given to me in confidence. When Dana was younger, in high school, she met a nice boy, or so she thought. This boy got her preggie. Of course, he denied ever being involved. She didn’t mind, as she really wanted the baby. Her parents, in the meantime, also discussed the idea of having an unwed mother in the family. She wanted the baby; her parents were afraid of the shame. Guess who won! She had an abortion at seventeen, and another at eighteen. A little more than a year ago, she was raped. I would guess she was crying over the children she wanted but didn’t have."

"I feel so sorry for her! I mean, she seems like a really nice person," ‘Mike’ replied sympathetically.

In a minute, Chris was up and at the door, quickly scurrying on some errand, leaving Michelle puzzled. A half hour passed, then three-quarters. Chris appeared at the door with Dana, dressed in a lavender nylon gown. "Are you sure this is alright with her?" Dana was saying as she entered the room.

"Michelle, mommy Dana wants to sleep with you tonight," Chris replied, "and take care of you. Is that alright with you, sweetie?"

For some unknown reason, ‘Mike’ felt like being a little devilish. "Are you going to leave me? Pleath don’t leave, mommy! I really love you, mommy Chrith. Pleath don’t go!"

Chris quickly caught on to the game. "OK, sweetie. I’ll stay, and share you with mommy Dana. Is that alright, honey?"

Well, Michelle was one happy baby that night. Chris was on one side, Dana on the other.


For the next four days, Dana played mommy to Michelle whenever she had the chance. Mary and Gloria had smiles most of the time now. Chris was Michelle’s unofficial baby-sitter, and she took her duty seriously, getting baby Michelle out to the playground whenever she had the chance. Of course the rest of the ladies also took care of the "baby."

On the fifth day, it was time for Michelle to resume her duties as a maid. It was back to shower and massage with Terri, dressing in black lacy underwear, then the uniform, finally her cap and apron. As the pair made breakfast, Chris set the table, and Bettie gave Michelle a big "welcome back" kiss. The well-organized group soon had a table ready for Mary, who was busy in the living room with Connie and Dana, and the late-rising Gloria.

Talk at the table centered around a male, not a student, found on campus. Seems the guy was found tied to a lamppost, wearing female clothes from the waist down. Also, when police officers were called, it was discovered that the guy was a peeping tom -- only he was seen looking in windows of MALE students. Talk about your oddities! Fashions followed, then weather, and taking up the rear, sports.

After breakfast, all went their separate ways. Dishes were washed, and floors mopped. The same maid’s work she did before, only now there were extra hands.

It was 11:00 a.m. when Gloria found Terri and Michelle making beds upstairs.

"Terri, Ms. Murphy called. She left some important papers behind -- she wants you and Michelle to deliver them to her. Also stop off at the bank and get two thousand dollars out of her account," Gloria commanded, or at least it sounded like she did.

"Yes, ma’am," replied Terri, as the pair curtsied.

Finishing the bed, the duo went back to their room. "First, Michelle, no uniform. Find a nice dress and comfortable shoes. Mary doesn’t like our status advertised," Terri said, sorting through the closet.

Michelle started undressing first -- the frilly apron, the lace cap, the shoes, then the uniform. Now down to her black slip, she joined Terri in the search. Blue shirtwaist dress, no. Black A-line, no. Finally, a powder blue, businesswoman’s, skirt-suit caught her eye.

Holding it up in front of her, she turned to Terri and asked, "How’s this? I was thinking of this and that cream silk blouse."

"Umm, you’ll need a half-slip," Terri remarked.

"I was going to use the blue one; that is, if you’re not using it!"

"No. I’m going to wear that black, lined dress. You know, the one with the silver buckle?"

"Sound good!" Michelle removed the full slip, placed it in the wash, and put on a white camisole. Next, she stepped into, then pulled up a pale blue half-slip. The translucent, cream-colored, long-sleeved blouse followed. After buttoning that up, the skirt completed the dressing, almost. The hunt was on for shoes!

"Here you go," Terri said, handing her a pair of blue pumps with 2" heels, "these should look nice."

‘Mike’s’ first words shocked him: "Yes, they match my outfit perfectly. Thanks, hon." He sat, looking down at what he had become. The ‘Michelle’ snapped him out of the funk, and she put the shoes on.

Terri took her to the vanity, fixed the hair, then the makeup. Michelle did most of it with a few corrections from Terri. As Terri took her place, Michelle got a brown leather shoulder bag, and filled it; a tampon, spare panties, lipstick, perfume, hankies, purse (with five dollars in change), blusher, and ID for Michelle Roberts.

"Come on," Terri replied, leading him to a mirror in the bathroom. One look was all it took -- he did look good. The image fairly screamed "Sexy Female."

Two maids may have entered the room, but two very attractive women left.

"Go out to the Mercedes in front of the garage, while I get the keys from Gloria," Terri requested.

Michelle nodded, walked out through the front door, across the porch, down steps and across to the area where the Mercedes was parked. Since the door was unlocked -- a common practice, considering how safe the grounds were -- she got in the car to wait. Ten minutes passed before Terri made her appearance.

"I’d better drive," she stated to Michelle, "as I know the bank we are going to." The gate to the property was their first stop. Pulling up to a keyboard, she turned a key, and punched in a six-figure code. The huge gates opened out and they drove through.

After stopping a short distance away, Terri said, "Watch, Michelle," and pointed back to the gates, now swinging shut. There was a "clang" as the gates closed. For the first time in months, she was outside the estate.

The conversation on the drive was pleasant, good music on the radio, and Terri was an exceptionally good driver. In what appeared to be no time, they were parking in the bank’s lot. The pair exited simultaneously, walked to the front and entered the fairly busy bank.

As Michelle entered, a man smiled at her. She smiled back, as the man walked into a security guard, who was also studying her. Two rather plain women scowled at "the hussy," stuck their noses in the air, then walked off. Michelle followed Terri to a window to make the withdrawal -- a smile at the teller was enough to unnerve him. He left his window to retrieve a prepared envelope. Finally, the money, in an envelope, was handed to Terri, with a stuttered "Good Afternoon" from the flustered teller.

"Here, honey, put this in your bag. I forgot to bring mine," Terri said, when they reached the car.

Michelle put the money in the bag, got in, then fastened the seatbelt. The drive to the faculty offices required a trip through most of the campus. Luckily, the car carried a special campus permit, allowing them to travel to and park any place on school grounds. Terri drove slowly, and ‘Mike’ took in the sights of his former school. They drove past "Marv’s" and "Dirty Dick’s," then his former apartment house. Soon the offices appeared -- Terri parked in an area marked "Faculty Only."

Terri opened the door and walked to the passenger’s side, leaving the keys in the ignition, and said, "I’ll take the papers up to Ms. Murphy. You can wait in the car." She walked away, with a large manila envelope, headed towards the building entrance.

It was a cool day; slight, puffy clouds staining the clear blue sky. Trees were nearly bare, and few flowers remained. Michelle sat in a very expensive car, reading Cosmopolitan. ‘Mike’ thought that this was his chance to escape. Two thou in the purse, a car with the keys, and they wouldn’t report it -- they couldn’t for fear of exposure. "I got at least twenty minutes, and I could get out of town, at least. But I would be stealing, and that’s wrong. Wait a minute, they took months from me, I deserve some compensation, don’t I? So, what is really eating you, Mike!"

He wrestled with his conscience as he thought of Terri, Chris, Gloria. Dana being deprived of a child. The keys in the car were tempting, escape was right in front of him, but he stayed and read Cosmo. Putting the magazine down, he decided to take a short walk. Taking the keys, he locked the car and started strolling along. As he walked and thought about his situation, he noticed the smiles and waves from the coeds, and he returned them. There was a wonderful feeling of the clothes -- nylon stockings, the soft underwear, and the looks from the jocks -- assessing their chances with this new beauty on campus. Was that it? Was he afraid he was turning into a female?

He decided to turn back, and as he approached the car he saw Mary and Terri standing there.

"Where have you been?" interrogated Terri.

"Are you OK, dear," came from a worried-looking Ms. Murphy.

Michelle didn’t say anything as she gave Terri the keys. Dare she mention her thought of escaping. Was being a maid in a place where she was loved, cared about and wanted so bad? "Michelle, get in. Ms. Murphy is taking us to lunch," from Terri broke into her reverie.

When all in the car had their belts in place, Terri started the engine, then said, "Michelle, give Mary the money from the bank!"

The purse was opened, money, still in envelope, handed to Mary. She tore open the envelope and removed the money -- twenty five-hundred dollar bills. Nonchalantly she put them into her pocket, like this was something she did every day.

Soon, the car was pulling into the parking area at Dirty Dick’s. Michelle was the first out to open the door for Ms. Murphy. Ms. Murphy took the offered hand, exited, gracefully, from the car, The trio, arm-in-arm, with Mary in the middle, entered the crowded establishment.

"Smoking or nonsmoking," the hostess inquired.

"Three, nonsmoking, a booth please. A quiet booth," Mary emphasized.

The trio followed the blonde waitress to a booth near the rear, left two menus with, "Anything to drink?"

Orders for two lemonades and one iced tea followed. After the waitress left, the group perused the offerings. It was Mary who suggested the Crab Louie for them, having had it here before. So, when the waitress returned with the drinks, the order was three Crab Louies.

The conversation began somewhat like an interrogation: "Where were you?"

Michelle felt like she was in the hot seat. She replied, "I was tired of reading, so I got the keys and took a walk. I . . . I wasn’t going . . . No, that’s not right! I was thinking of taking the car and running. There was that money, the car keys, and, well, . . ."

"But you didn’t," Mary replied, interrupting, "did you?"

"Ma’am, I wasn’t about to take something that wasn’t mine."

Mary gave an enigmatic smile, replied, "I did not think you would."

It struck him. "This was a test, wasn’t it, Ms. Murphy. You risked me taking that car and running away, didn’t you?"

"Yes, Michelle. It was a test. If you did take the car, and the money, you could have gone anywhere you wanted. I would not pursue. Now, I think I can trust you more."

Terri was curious, so came up with a question, "Since I was told to give you plenty of time, why did you decide to stay?"

Michelle shook her head, then replied, "I don’t really know. I guess that the only way I can explain it is that I was too afraid to run. I don’t know how it happened, but now I’m afraid of losing a nice place to live. You see, ma’am, everybody out there," Michelle said with an emphatic wave of the arm, "is a cog, part of a great wheel. Each does a bit, and never sees the end result. When Terri and I clean a room, we see a nice clean area that WE did. We see nice clean clothes, and when you come home, see the house and you say, ‘the house looks nice,’ I feel good inside. When I was Dana’s baby, I saw how happy she was. Everybody around me seems to be happy, and I’m afraid if I leave, that happiness might go with me. I know that sounds silly, egotistical and selfish, but it’s the only way I can explain it."

Mary’s face took on a very serious look as she said, "Life is meant to be enjoyable! Each person seeks out that which will make him the happiest. You can have a good life, no matter if the name you use is Mike or Michelle. And, my dear, you keep thinking of yourself as ‘Mike’ or ‘Michelle’ -- not as an integration of Mike/Michelle."

Mary stopped for a minute, then continued, "There’s just too much emphasis placed on the fact that a person is masculine or feminine, and not enough on their individuality. A man tends to hide his softer side because if he shows it, he’s weak and a sissy. A strong woman would be seen as a bitch or bull dyke. You may not realize it, but you were happy playing around with the girls because you could play. I feel that if you decided to leave, in a few days YOU would be the unhappy one, Mike!"

"Ms. Murphy, may I be frank with you?"

"Please, Mike, by all means!"

"I continued my education because I saw it as a means to get a good, high-paying job, not making hamburgers in a fast-food place. I wanted to be somebody, have a big house, a nice job -- you know, all the trappings of a successful person. Now, I’m a servant. I feel like I’m a failure. My education went for naught!"

Mary smiled that enigmatic smile of hers, then replied, "What is success? Money? Being famous? How about power, does that turn you on?" She stopped for a second to let the words sink in, continued with "You live in a big house, have a nice job, a swimming pool at your disposal, large grounds to roam on. The members of the board at school have good jobs, presidents and CEOs of corporations; yet every time I see them, they have a scowl on their face, like they’re sucking on a lemon. Mike -- Michelle -- whatever -- You are successful if you are happy and glad you are alive."

It was at that point, a familiar face showed, a waitress named Dotty, bearing a tray. "Ms. Murphy, it’s very nice to see you again. Here’s your iced tea. Terri, you get the lemonade, right."

There was a pause, then Mary spoke up. "Dotty, this is my latest maid, Michelle Roberts. Michelle, Dotty."

Dotty smiled as she sat the lemonade in front of Michelle, saying, "It’s nice to meet you. I’d shake hands, but they are wet." She leaned over, close to her ear and said, "Ever find that guy you were looking for, Mike!" Three Crab Louies were distributed, and the waitress left to serve another customer.

The food was good, soon three stomachs were filled to their limits. While sipping their drinks, the conversation resumed.

"Michelle, Dotty was informed of your, emm, fate. So, now I would say you’ve decided to stay, is that right?"

"Yes, ma’am, I will stay on as your maid," Michelle said, then added, "or whatever you wish."

"Good!" Mary said enthusiastically. "Since you will stay, you’ll get three weeks off, all medical bills paid, and, of course, uniforms supplied. I will also see to it that you help some in the Circe group."

The drinks were finished, and it was time for Ms. Murphy to return to her office. They left, Mary taking care of the tip and check, to drop her off at the office. In the parking area, Mary said, "Michelle, open the glove compartment and take out the ownership papers."

She obeyed the request, and found the paper. "Here it is," she replied.

"Look at it!"

Michelle looked at the paper, nearly fainting when she saw the owner’s name: Michelle Roberts. "This is my car," she squealed, "I own it?"

"My gift to you," Mary said as they drove her back to the office. She admonished, "Drive carefully." When they stopped at the office, Mary walked to Terri’s side of the car, handed her something, then went her way. Terri started the car, backed out of the parking area and headed to home.

"I can’t believe this -- my own car!" Michelle said, dazed by it all. She didn’t notice that they were headed in a different direction from home.


End of Part Four.

Annie O



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