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  October 25, 2002

Today's Featured Author -  Anne Browning

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by: Lisa Elizabeth



Anne Browning writes rather lengthy stories. The stories do take a while to tell so once you start reading you will understand. She spends a lot of time describing the outfits each of the main characters is forced to wear. Since her costumes are normally 'Victorian' in nature, this is a rather extensive list of clothing.

The first story I read was "A Taste of Sugar and Spice". A tale of woe for the main character Lord Ashley Steward. Due to a car crash, Lord Ashley and Lady Alyce are moving to live with their Aunt and cousins. However, Aunty has a 'Governess' whose sole job is to praise the girls and humiliate and demean the males. Poor Lord Ashley goes through many trials and tribulations before the end where his spirit and will are finally broken. All of this done with a Victorian theme!

The next was 'Family Honor'. This tale is set at the end of the Victorian era and involves a pair of male cousins. Lord Cedric comes of age and takes to all sorts of unsavory activities. His mother, Lady Claire, objects, but can do nothing until her husband unexpectantly passes away. She then enlists the aid of a Dr. Elsa Bruce to help her regain her loving son. This is accomplished through mesmerism, herbal remedies and psychological conditioning. In order to enforce it he is dressed as a rather large 'Little Lord Fontleroy', including the severe corset training for posture purposes!

The second cousin, David, is even worse!! He is not only unsavory, but also commits rape and gets two girls pregnant! One kills herself. That is when Lady Beatrice decides that something must be done to change Lord David's ways. The balance of the story unveils the changes in Lord David and his coming to terms with what he had done to get himself into this position.

'Love and Duty' is next on the list. I must admit to having some difficulty reading this one. In the first half, Dr. LeShame and his son Greg lose their wife and mother, Rachel, to cancer. They discover they are both TVs and both very passable when dressed. The hard part to read was a large section dealing with a potential incestuous relationship between father and son while dressed as Jasmine and Grace! I personally have a big problem with this thought and had to read through it in small sections. Fortunately, the relationship only got to the kissing stage. When it was apparent that it would not be the focus of the story, I was able to relax and enjoy the tale.

Dr. LaShame tries to adjust to having both a son and a daughter by calling a former patient who had raised her nephew as a niece. Confusing? I thought so too! Anyway, the story moves on and after a few more twists and turns becomes a very interesting tale.

Read this to see how love can bloom in the right circumstances.

Next, I read 'The Three Year Itch'. This is a story of forced feminization. A wife and her Dr. girlfriend decide to change Cornel from a macho testosterone enhanced idiot, into Nellie. The story involves fem Dom and hormones. It does work out in the end and Nellie comes to terms with herself.

Again, Ms. Browning likes to dwell on the details of the outfits worn. All silk and satin and full of frills.

An enjoyable story if I do say so myself.

It appears that I left the best for last! 'The Gilded Cage' is an eight-part thriller that has so many twists and turns you need a sports car to read it! It chronicles the life and times of one Hilarie Dorincourt-Fauntleroy. A rather obnoxious, overweight lout of a boy.

Hilarie's Aunt Miranda gains guardianship of him after his mother's death and is determined to exact revenge upon him for all he has done and all that his father did. These dastardly deeds are revealed throughout the story. Hilarie is put through a training program titled the PET System. This was developed by one of his forebears but perfected by his Aunt Miranda.

Hilarie has much confusion; escape attempts and finally falls in love. At the end, you expect the line ..."And they lived happily ever after". This story will keep you reading. I found it hard to stop once started.

In all of Anne's stories, you find a general theme of Victorian corsetry and the clothing being so outrageous that it is the bondage device itself. I also noticed that there is a consistency of incorrectly used words and some trouble phrasing sentences correctly. It was noticeable in 'Gilded Cage' more than the others. Another thing was the use of 'copy and paste' to duplicate some dressing sequences. Unfortunately they were used very close together and it was obvious you had read that paragraph just recently. Sort of like using the same chase scene over and over in a movie or on television. She also takes some poetic license with history. A female Dr. in Victorian times and Dr. Sigmund Freud being alive in the wrong set of years. If you can overlook this, the story becomes very interesting.

Despite all the problems with grammar, copying, and word usage, Anne Browning weaves some intricate stories. If you enjoy Victorian corsetry and lots of silk and satin fantasies then Anne is the correct authoress for you.






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