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  September 21, 2002

Today's Featured Author -  Jane Lincoln

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by: Lisa Elizabeth

Jane has only written one story here at Storysite. It is titled 'Jane and Bob'.

The story of a temporary assistant and how she puts her chauvinistic boss into a chastity device and forces him to become her 'maid' in the after work hours. It is a story of sexual coercion and dangling the carrot type of story. Told from the viewpoint of Jane, it is a tale of how she made Bob into her 'Sissy Slave'.

Along the way, Jane convinces a few other ladies to do the same thing to their overbearing bosses. They form a support group to help each other with the training of their 'maids'.

Only having one story to review is actually a very big challenge. Jane writes a nicely paced story that concentrates on the chastity device and the coercion of her boss. The CD Maid aspect is actually, just another way to subjugate Bob.

I would encourage Ms. Lincoln to write some more! I do not usually read this genre of story, but found it enjoyable anyway. I look forward to her next work.







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