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  September 13, 2002

Today's Featured Author -  Sean McBride

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by: Lisa Elizabeth

Sean has written only a few stories here at Storysite. For those of you that like the Hypnosis/Mind Altering story genre, Sean is your writer!

The first story I read is titled 'Lost Weekend'. I can only assume this story autobiographical! As the main character is referred to as 'I'. When our hero awakes on Monday he hurts all over and has painted fingernails. He is also very confused! He has no recollection of what happened over the last two days. All he can remember is going out with a co-worker, Don Peters, and being challenged to be hypnotized. After rushing off to a meeting with a very important new client his buddy, Don, uses the key word 'sissy', and a new personality takes over our hero. The story is rated X for a reason, for that, I will let you read what happens to 'Sissy'.

The next story is the first in a series, titled 'Wendy Whore'. This is the start of a three story series. In the first one our hero fantasizes about becoming a cum covered whore. He contacts a mistress and is given orders. On his way to complete those orders, some X-rated things happen. However, this chapter ends when he finally gets to enter his Mistress's house.

In Part 2, 'Meeting Wendy Whore' our hero is transformed into a cum-lapping whore by the original Wendy Whore and two of her 'girlfriends'. Glued on breasts, wig, and hair removed. All part of the transformation. Then put on display for bidding and unlimited use! Read this chapter to see who her new owners are.

In part 3 'Becoming Wendy Whore', the final transformation and humiliations take place. Sent to Mexico and castrated our Heroine becomes the slut he dreamed of.

Sean writes short to the point stories. He gives you the overall effect without all the minute trivia that tend to accompany this genre of stories. They are all well written and flow quickly. You will not be bored reading his stories since they are fast paced. For a quick trip into a fantasy, try Sean's stories.






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