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  August 17, 2002

Today's Featured Author -  Jennifer Jane Pope

by: Samantha Jay

Someone, somewhere once said that you had to do at least one dangerous thing at least once in your life. Well here’s mine.

Why dangerous, I hear you ask. Those that know Jennifer, knows that she is an accomplished authoress who is also in print as well as on the web and one who has challenged, and pushed back, the boundaries of what is accepted by publishing houses. She has run writing workshops and offers advice to anyone who asks. And I’m going to review her work…I must need my head examined.

In Whorse a not very nice future, or is it present, is depicted and is told from Fliss’s point of view. Sentenced to life as a Ponygirl, she tells of her crime and her punishment.

No Contest was an excellent story, but then I do like these type of stories. Brian is a short guy with a disability, no, two disabilities. One leg is shorter than the other and, to make matters worse, one foot is smaller than the other. Brian also likes competitions and starts entering them, even winning a computer system. This opens up a whole new world and, yes you guessed it, he wins another competition…a complete make over. Along the way, Brian finds happiness and love is hinted at. Well worth a read and a story that just cries out for a sequel.

She Shall Have Music is another story from the "dark" world of bondage and ponygirls. "Dark" because anyone who knows me knows that these type of stories are not my scene and maybe surprised that I actually read them, the things I do for Armchair Review. The main character has no name, just a number and describes her lot in life. The silence and the total absence of external stimuli are described. So where does the music come from…read the story and find out, I had to.

I’d better end here before my shield power runs out. I have to say that Jennifer is a better writer than I’ll ever be and I hope that she forgives my reviews of her work. For those who have never read her work, you don’t know what you are missing. Yes, most of it is too strong for me, but I am very conservative in my tastes and I found stories that I enjoyed, so you should have no problems.

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by: Lisa Elizabeth

Jenny is an accomplished British Authoress. She writes published Erotica and has used these stories as a way to explore other ideas. Storysite has not seen a new story from her in quite a while. I hope this is because of her work on a new book!!

The first story I read is titled 'Whorse'. This is the story of a girl that is transformed into a 'Pony Girl'. The transformation is a form of punishment for some transgression the victim does not even remember. She is made to look like a horse, including bridle, special shoes, a surgically implanted tail and blinders. Her role is now to be the 'horsy sex toy' for her master. My thought on the story is 'This is REALLY weird!" I know it is not something that interests me, but I am sure there is someone that will enjoy this flight of fantasy.

The next story is 'She Shall Have Music'. A rather ironic story title. It is the tale of a tightly bound 'Rubber Slave' who is male but is confined in a tight, doll like rubber outfit, with no sound except for a one way intercom to hear orders from her mistress. 'Number 42!' are the first words heard by our heroine in a long time and she reports to her mistress. There she is escorted out to the stables for a transformation into a 'Pony Girl'. The story ends here and leaves your imagination to run wild over what will happen when the grooms find out the filly is a stallion!

The third story is 'Opening Doors - Opening Windows'. A different tale of exposure and blackmail! Our hero is little sister and her two friends use his flat (apartment for those of us in the USA) and find Storysite on his computer favorites listing. They go on to 'discover' his little fetish by exploring his closet while he is out of the country for a few days on business. The good authoresses of Storysite are trying their best to keep this from happening. They do not know the third girl is exploring the closet and trying on the leather 'Dominatrix' outfit. The story has two parts. The second part is our hero's tale of what happened from the time he arrived home... I will let you read it to see what happened.

I seem to have left the best for last! Not intentionally, it just worked out that way. 'Hubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble' is a delightful magic story. Lots of dry humor, some not so dry... Anyway, a fun frolic in the woods with fairies, witches, fitches and eleven bumbling warlocks! The twelfth is actually quite on top of things. Our hero, Simon falls in love with a fairy, Imelda. From there he is coerced into helping Immy and her godmothers in fulfilling a 'pact' between the witches and the warlocks. Magical transformation and true love follow. There are enough twists and turns in this one that I would get all confused trying to explain it. Just go read it! You will have a smile on your face the whole time!



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