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  July 26, 2002

Today's Featured Author -  Kimberly Kennedy

by: Nelson

Kimberly has shared three stories so far. They are: "Hard Lesson", "Turned Out" and "Housewife". The first one almost scared me away because unless I know the author, I don't make a practice of reading XXX stories. The other two are rated R and M respectively. The author does a fairly reasonable execution of each selected plot line but the length of the story is short enough that the details of the characters aren't well developed. The reader doesn't get to know what is inside the head of the main characters but you can make quick rough assumptions and not be too far off. "Hard Lesson" could be considered a revenge story. The basic concept of a bored out of town business man going to strip joint seems simple. But when you continue on and find he is kidnapped after he goes to a private room with one of the dancers, then crossdressed, raped by the dancer and two of her friends and then blackmailed into silence; it isn't so simple. "Turned Out" is simply a case of deception. It is based on the concept that what you don't know can and will hurt you. The lead character thinks he is about to make a step ahead in his music career. But he doesn't fully read the contract and moves off in a totally different direction. His new career? She-male whore. "Housewife" is the longest story of the three and thus should have the most potential. The main character is a psychology student with submissive transvestite tendencies. As an independent research project he advertises on an online bulletin board for alternative lifestyles that he wants to be trained to be a housewife. He responds to the most serious reply and is swept into a situation he hadn't anticipated. He isn't made to perform kinky sex acts but gets more humiliation than he thought he would. Overall, I rate Kimberly's work as fair to average. The idea or plot development is fairly good but the details and descriptions are a little on the short side. All three stories need the attention of a good proofreader. Incorrect words and wrong versions of homonyms detract from the overall effect of the story. If you haven't read this author and her stories, I suggest you explore them and make your own judgment. Personally, I wasn't overly impressed but I will take the time to check out any new stories she posts.

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by: Lisa Elizabeth

Kimberly has three stories here at Storysite. The first one I read was 'Hard Lesson'. In this story our hero enters a strip club and decides to take one of the girls out after work. She turns the tables, slips him a 'Mickey' and he winds up dressed in a corset, shiny PVC miniskirt and heels. There are three roommates who decide to show him just how badly he treats the girls at the club. They take him back to the club where he gets to do all the things the girls do. To see if he learns his lesson, you will have to read the story.

The next story is titled 'Housewife'. The story of a young man who places a personal ad to become a housewife over the summer break from college. A man takes him up on the deal and transforms him into a housewife. Just not quite the wet dream, or Mrs. Cleaver variety you would fantasize about!

The last story is called 'Turned Out'. An out of work musician gets a big break! He just forgets to read the contract! This one involves surgery, hormones, and the intimation of sex at the end.

All three of these stories are fast paced and very quick to read. I feel like the last two could have been longer. They are written as if you were reading the jacket of a longer novel. They make you want more! Kimberly keeps things moving, at the end she winds things up very quickly, as if she either got tired of writing the story, or just ran out of steam. I would like to ask her to consider taking her last two stories and making them longer! Each one could easily be four to five times as long.

Therefore, if you are looking for three very quick to read stories, Kimberly Kennedy may just be what you are looking for!



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