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From the Comfort of their Favorite Armchair
  July 19, 2002

Today's Featured Author -  Emily Ross

by: Samantha Jay

I would like to start by saying that I am disappointed that Emily Ross has only two stories posted on Storysite. She writes some very good stories, which are available on her own site. I just wish she would post a few more here. That said, lets get on with the review of the two she’s posted to make our mouths water.

Put Him in Dresses is a dialogue between two sisters and catalogues the conversion of Claire’s husband into her maid. There is a nice twist at the end, which I won’t spoil. It’s told over a series of telephone calls that take place over a few weeks. The sisters discuss the various stages of Mark’s, Claire’s husband, transformation into Marie, the maid. Karen had already transformed Mike, her husband, into Molly. At no time, however, are the views of either husband shared with the reader.

The Girl from Maurice’s is a wonderful story. Here Danny Tennant falls in love with a vision he sees in a bar only to have that vision destroyed by the barman, but instead of giving up, or being disgusted, he decides to get to know the vision. He does some checking, then some detective work and finds out who Leah, the name of his vision, really is and where she lives. After agonizing for a few days Danny makes the fateful phone call and asks for help in dressing. And so Sophie is born. I would like to see a sequel, as I would like to know how Sophie’s relationship with Leah develops, but then that is why the story is so good. You want to know what happens next.

I heartily recommend everyone to visit Emily Ross’s website, as they would find the journey worthwhile. I also would like to plead for Emily to post some more of her excellent stories on Storysite.

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by: Lisa Elizabeth

Emily is a natural for the Armchair Review! She has only two stories posted and has not posted in quite some time. I hope to bring her stories to light and maybe encourage this writer to honor us with more stories.

The first story is called 'Put Him in Dresses'. This is told as a continuing conversation between two wives. It chronicles the feminization of Mark, Claire's husband. This is considered punishment for having cheated on her with his secretary. Mark becomes Mary and goes from little girl dresses to French Maid over the course of the story. There is a bit of a twist at the end, so you will have to read it to see what happens!

The second story is called 'The Girl from Maurice's'. A young man named Danny is infatuated with a woman in a bar, Maurice's. The bartender lets him know she is really a 'bloke'. This starts his finding a way to meet this intriguing creature. He finally decides to call her and tell her he wants to dress as a girl. You could tell that this was not the first thought on his mind... Anyway, they meet and Leah has brought along a suitcase of clothes to dress Danny in. As reluctant as he was ion the beginning, he finally decides to dress and discovers he likes it. Unfortunately, the story ends here. This story appears to stop where a second chapter would begin. I only hope that Emily reads this review and writes the follow-up story.

Emily writes in a clear concise style, things move along well and there are very few typos or grammatical errors that new writers have. (Me included!!) They are short and therefore take only a minimum amount of time to read.

Give Emily Ross a try! Maybe together, we can convince her to write some more!



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