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  May 31, 2002

Today's Featured Author -  Steve Matyas

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by: Lisa Elizabeth

Steve has only written four stories posted here at StorySite. And from what I have read, I hope he continues to post more.

The first story I read was 'A Practical Joke Made This Boy into A Happy Woman'. It is the story of A young high school boy who is manipulated into trying out for the Girl's field Hockey team by the most popular girl in school!

Shari's character does develop to the point where she does make the Field Hockey Team and they go on to win the State Championship. He then reverts to his boy self and continues life until a chance meeting with an old friend in a bar. To see how Shari becomes fulfilled as a woman, you will have to read the story.

The next story is 'All American Boy Grows Up To Become Jailhouse Slut'. This story is short and to the point. It starts as a lost bet and wearing a skirt. It then escalates to rape and lots of forced sex. This type of story is not my favorite but again Steve moves the story along quickly and does not dwell on the sex scenes. This type of story in a small dose is tolerable!

The third story is 'Go Raiders Go'. A young man working at a hotel that his favorite team is staying at is forced to become 'Terri' a Raider's cheerleader. He has the advantage of nightly sex with his roommate, so Terri does not see the situation as ALL bad! This story is mostly about being swept up in the excitement of the moment and being dragged along by another. It moves steadily but when it ends, I really thought there should be more to the story. The end just wraps up quickly, as if Steve got tired of writing the story.

The last story is 'Sentenced to be a Maid'. Here an unfortunate CD on her way to an 'En Femme' weekend has a car problem. This by itself is annoying enough. However, the deputies arrive, rape our heroine and plant drugs in her purse. She ends being sentenced to one week as the maid/sex slave of the local judge. Lots of forced sex in this one.

Overall, Stave Matyas writes very fast paced stories about rape and forced sex. If this is your cup of tea then please read his work. If those topics bother you, then look for a different author.

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  by: Lady in Disguise

Steve Matyas is a real sports fan and all his stories seem to be contests of one sort or another from the cock-sucking record in "Sentenced to be a Maid" to the hand-job contests in "Go Raiders Go." His protagonists are CD's or become CD's that are forced by circumstance (pun intended) to dress and please the guys but they do have a chance to get the girl a few times too. The small town judge in "Sentenced to be a Maid" will never be confused with the judge in Ovid. This judge gives new meaning to the phrase "here comes the judge!" The protagonist's car breaks and like Michael J. Fox in "Doc Hollywood" is sentenced by the local judge to do 'community service' and boy does he do a lot of servicing as he ends up in one humiliating sequence after another. At times Steve seems to almost be doing a send-up of the 'dressed and forced to suck cock' genre as his prose goes over the top, dripping with blow by blow descriptions.

The other three stories are mild by comparison, though "An All American Boy Grows Up To Be A Jailhouse Slut" comes close as a lost bet on a Packers game (note to self - don't bet against Packers) puts our hero in skirts and attacked in a laundromat. The helpful cop is a little too helpful and next thing you know our hero is the stationhouse mascot. Everything comes out in the wash though and our hero has a new career though I find the payoff method distasteful (cocaine to sell). In "Go Raiders Go" the main character wants to get close to the Super Bowl team, gets caught and is forced to join the cheerleading squad where he learns some of their best moves.

The mildest story involves a young man encouraged to join the field hockey team masquerading as a girl on a dare from his heartthrob, Linda. Needless to say he is very convincing, so much so that even after returning to "normal" he eventually found himself back in skirts.

All of Steve's stories are highly descriptive of both the clothes andthe cock-sucking. His characters struggle but in the end revel in their fate. So if you're a lonely monk looking for some 'semenary tales' you've come to the right place



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