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  April 19, 2002

Today's Featured Author -  Paul G. Jutras

by: Samantha Jay

Where do I begin? Paul is a very prolific author and has a style that is all his own. This is mainly due to his not using an editor to correct the little mistakes in his wording, but this does not distract from his stories. Well I don’t think so.

Okay, so his stories are short and the action takes place a tad fast, but the ideas they are based on, are sound and very readable. I would just love him to expand some of them.

"Francine the Pioneer" is one, a great idea and would make an excellent longer story. A week on an old-time farm opens up all sorts of opportunities for the family to grow together and for Francine to experience life in the raw, with no modern amenities. I just wish I had had that idea, and I admit that, although Paul doesn't mention them, I would just love to wear the saloon girl dresses of that period. Oh well, dream on, Samantha.

With "Sister Sister", although he borrowed the idea from Samantha Michelle, he used nano technology and came up with a nice twist to the original story.

There are so many more. Good beginnings, excellent plot work, and a foundation from which really good stories could grow. And there’s the rub. Paul has more ideas than he can write down. I just wish I could come up with just a fraction of them.

But beware, after reading some of Paul's stories, you just ache for more. They are short, too short in my opinion, but the creativity is there, the desire is there, the talent is there and the care is there. I just wish he’d put the ideas on hold and expand some of his work. If he did that, I think he would surprise everyone.

Paul is a good writer, with a little help he could be a great writer and there are those of us who are willing to give that help.

To sum up, in the main these are plot ideas in search of a story, but if you don’t read Paul’s plot ideas, you will be missing a treat and, in my opinion, that would be a real shame.






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