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  February 01, 2002

Today's Featured Author - Brandy Dewinter

by: Nelson

I believe that I should admit at the beginning that Brandy is on my list of favorite authors. That list is rather extensive and I try not to rank those on it. But chronologically Brandy was among the first on the list. That said let us continue.

Brandy has created a nice little library of fiction since 1997, the date on her first story. She has chosen to share eleven stories to date on Story Site. The ratings on the stories range from a gentle G to the racier XXX. The plot lines cover most types of transformation, from simple crossdressing to full blown magical or sci-fi body change.

Brandy crafts longer tales in which the characters are well developed. We can follow the changes as they happen and sense the feelings that accompany the changes. The cause of the change varies from story to story. The deep love of a spouse, crossing paths with a witch or other magical being and fighting an enemy are common themes.

A good example is one of Brandy's earliest stories, Reasonable. It details changes within a marriage. The changes are driven by the husband's desire for his wife to dress more sensuously. The catch is her demand that he has to wear the same items, shoes and clothing, that he wants her to wear. She further stipulates that he does it before she will consider wearing the same item. Not only are the physical changes examined, the mental changes are too. He is reluctant at first to try anything, then it turns into a headlong plunge into the experiment and experience. Long fingernails are the first change. Then hair removal and clothes follow. But the transformation isn't complete without high heels, makeup and wig or hair styling. I don't want to give away the story; you need to read it to appreciate the detail and the character development.

All of Brandy's stories show her eye for detail and feelings. The plot line of each is well developed, as are the characters. Are there flaws? Well, nobody is perfect. An occasional typo or word mistake can be found by the ultra picky but not to any detriment to the story.

In my opinion, a reader should be able to find something to their liking amongst Brandy's works. Will everyone enjoy her works? Probably not but as the old phrase goes: you can't please all the people all the time.

    by: Geoff

If your idea of T* fiction is realism and images of sweet sentimentality, then Brandy DeWinter is not for you. Not that Brandy can't be sweetly sentimental, but it's hardly the aim of her stories. They are not for the those who like a quick fix either. Her stories are nearly all of some substance, and certainly all those here on Story Site. She writes adventures on a big stage and this gives her the time, space and opportunity to develop her plot and her characters. And what startling characters they are.

Her newest stories are primarily devoted to fantastic science fiction. There's Commander Xora and her alien symbiote Titania. Titania controls Xora's body and despite the former male's protests, decides that a super sexy female image suits both Xora and her duties as a Federation Agent (surprise, surprise!). Xora/Titania are joined in one body first in "Whose Body?" and after the transformation are involved in improbable high jinks on the planet Machovia. In the follow up story "Xora 2" Brandy gets straight into the action on yet another planet, where Titania controls her clothes and emotions before she gets her man, in more ways than one. These are great adventures, well written in good English (few typos or homophones in Brandy's output!), but ... the TG element is limited. These stories could be just as well about a born female and her alien symbiote, so if you're looking for more than a good read, you may be disappointed.

The other science fiction universe Brandy has created is more in our time. The five feminized soldiers, brought together in the SMITE team, are there to defeat a clever and highly improbable protection system which requires the characteristics of both male and female to overcome. I don't think I'm spoiling the story if I reveal that they succeed in bringing El Supremo to book. Another adventurous romp which attempts, not always successfully, to bring out the different characteristics of the five 'she-males'. The sequel to "Duty, Honor Country" is currently being serialized here at an episode a day. [Editor'sNote: This column was written a while back. Duty, Honor, Country is fully posted.] At least it seems the story is complete so we won't be left on tenterhooks for months waiting for the conclusion to "Pheromone Pharmacopoeia", unlike some stories I could mention. As always the characters are larger than life and twice as gorgeous, and none the worse for that.

In real life I'm sure Brandy knows a bit about sailing small boats. I've done a fair bit myself and the sailing sequences in both "Live Long and Prosper" and "Sing my Song" are quite believable and authentic. If she isn't a sailor, then I congratulate her on the research. Both these stories, whilst quite different from each other, each involve magical transformations and are more conventional in their TG element. Well as conventional as Brandy gets, anyway. The retired couple who are sailing round the world in their ketch Twilight Breeze get their wishes granted in an unusual way after they visit the witch Tierce on her lonely island. Well unusual, unless you're a fan of Story Site! A nicely rounded story, as is the fate of the new mermaid singing her song in the other story with a sailing background.

I think I'm right in saying that the other two contributions on Story Site are earlier work than the rest. If you like long stories with a stronger TG element then these are more for you. See, Brandy likes a bit of variety too! "Milady's Wiles" has an touch of magic, but only as a mind reading/influence element. It is essentially a story of female impersonation set on a medieval stage, when a young prince is forced to become a princess as a means of preserving the male line and, with his mother's help, eventually overcoming the conqueror of his father's kingdom. A different type of 'heroine' in this early story, then, not so obviously fetishistic and trying to be a real, believable woman - at least in the context of the story. Brandy's style here is for a less frenetic story, spending time developing character and circumstance and weaving a love triangle into the fabric of the plot.

There is another change of gear for "Lucky" and much more realistic story for lovers of sweet and sentimental, but with that Brandy DeWinter bite which provides some spice. Tim Piper is devastated when he survives a road accident which kills his wife Trish. His way of overcoming his grief is literally to get into Trish's skin, well her clothes, anyway, so that he can feel her soul first and then gently let her go. How he achieves his catharsis and come to terms with his loss and how his friends help him is treated in a robust way. There is still an element of a fetish female, but far less than in some of Brandy's spicier tales. I think this, for me, is one of her best.

So who is Brandy DeWinter, the writer? From the evidence of her output, she likes a bit of femdom, exaggeratedly female she-males, but has place in her heart for gentler, more reflective characters. All her stories are adventures of one sort or another, and they're all told on a big stage, but never really viscous and above all, in the end they're FUN.

Editor - Heather Sinclair


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