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  January 25, 2002

Today's Featured Author - Daedelus

by: Kelly Ann

Kelly Ann is a happy girl. "Why?" I hear you ask (no, it doesn’t matter whether you really asked or not, Kelly Ann has a very good imagination and she can hear you anyway), did she finally get her corset laced down to 24 inches? Sadly, no, but maybe by next year. No, Kelly Ann is happy because she has rediscovered Daedalus.

Daedelus has three stories on Storysite, and although I’d read them before, it’s been a while, and I’d forgotten just how a good a writer Daedalus is (and how unfortunate it is there isn’t more of his work to read). To start with, Daedalus is terrific with dialogue and a master with paragraphs. His effective use of dialogue means that his stories progress with little narrative, instead flying along with the characters as they act out the story.

His use of short, succinct paragraphs helps that immensely. Short paragraphs make it really easy to follow the action because you don’t have to waste time trying to figure out who’s talking or doing what to whom. If nothing else (and there is much more), Daedalus’ are an example to any writer who is trying to figure out how to use paragraphs effectively.

Daedalus also creates wonderful characters. They’re bright, they’re intellectually sophisticated, and best of all, they’re nice people. It’s really fun to sit in on their conversations and watch them interact with one another. And there's always an interaction because all of his stories are about couples. These bright, engaging people really like each other and along with everything else Daedalus does well, he does a heartwarming job of revealing the playful way that people in love can play with each other.

But as we all know, it takes more than technical skill in constructing sentences or paragraphs to write good stories, and Daedalus writes good stories. They are well plotted, cleverly laid out, and most importantly, fun to read. I say this despite the fact that his stories all involve magic, and in general, I’m no fan of magic stories. But I am a fan of well thought-out, insightful, entertaining stories, whether or not they contain magic, and these stories are all of that.


To Love and Cherish, is a fun romp with a young witch and her husband, who is tired of getting kicked out of the house every time the "Circle" comes for a visit. You don’t even have to be T* to figure out just what he will have to do to be permitted to stay, but you will really enjoy what happens when he agrees to the needed change. And you’ll have fun following the nifty twists and turns the story takes as it accelerates toward its conclusion.

One of the things that really sets Daedalus apart as an author is that he has been able to write more than one level into his stories. But we don’t get to discover the second layer until the end, when we all of a sudden figure out what’s really going on and get one of those wonderful "Ah Ha!" moments. Because To Love and Cherish is a love story, it’s "Ah Ha!" moment is a very heartwarming one indeed.


Burning Bright is a story about a mirror, and we all know what happens to people who gaze into mirrors in TG fiction. But this story takes that standard set up into a psychological dimension that is not often explored. As a result, we get to watch as our characters learn more about their real desires than they had ever anticipated.


No Special Effects is also a love story that plays with a two layer style. Superficially, it's a standard TG story about a guy with a beautiful girlfriend who wants a beautiful girlfriend. In this case, of course, she has the power to do something about it. One of the treats of this story is the sensual way Daedalus describes Neera, the literally and figuratively enchanting girlfriend, and then Nikki, as things begin to change in his life. The writing, as playful as it is in the other stories, is also sexy, in a moist, organic way. You get the feeling that it’s pregnant with sensuality and very nearly ready to give birth.

So go read Daedalus. He'll be a real treat for you magic fans, but just about everyone else will like his stories as well. In Greek mythology, Daedulus, in addition to being the father of Icarus, who flew too close to the sun and melted his wings, was a great inventor. Our Daedalus ain't too bad himself, creating ingenious stories and writing them with skill and flair. Check him out, you won't go wrong.

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by: Lisa Elizabeth

The first story posted at Storysite is 'Burning Bright'. This is a magical transformation story based on a magic mirror. It is told from the viewpoint of the girlfriend of the main character. She has trouble understanding how he could write a book about being a desirable woman. After much discussion and convincing, he shows her. This leads to many questions and a desire to see the mirror. As in all stories, the girlfriend finally wears her lover down. What does she see in the mirror? You will need to read the story!

"No Special Effects" is the second story. Our hero, Nick, is dating an exotic lady, Neera. One night Neera, asks Nick, if would like to become her 'Girlfriend'. Nick declines but Neera persists. After a couple of weeks, Nick relents and goes to sleep. The next day a partial transformation occurs. The rest of the story is how Nick copes with the changes and how Neera comes to explain the spell she used. To see how the couple turn out, you will have to read the twist near the end of the story.

The third and final story posted is "To Love and Cherish". This one is a little more complex and includes a group of good witches known as the Circle. The plot starts out as a simple transformation of male to female via magic but all of a sudden, Daedalus puts in a sub plot and an interesting twist. In the end everyone lives happily ever after, it is just a convoluted path of arriving there.

Daedalus writes very straightforward and easily. My only problem was that the author uses words that I personally do not use often. This forced me to pull down my trusty dictionary and re-learn the meaning of a few words. Actually, this is a good thing. It helps expand my own vocabulary and makes the above stories more enjoyable. It is a shame there are only three stories posted here. I would like to read more from this author.

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