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  January 18, 2002

Today's Featured Author - C. Black

by: Samantha Jay

"Virtually Busted" is an interesting story. Drawing upon the fact that many men overstate their appearance when using cyberspace, it has our hero (if you can call him that) inventing a whole new virtual reality experience. He is the ‘typical’ geek and uses his limited social skills to woo his on-line girlfriend. Unfortunately, these skills are none too good and his plan of changing ‘his’ girl into one of his dreams ultimately backfires. He should have picked a less bright girl.

The pace is nice and you are carried from scene to scene. There is not too much geek language and the first virtual meeting is touching. The end, although predictable, was fitting and very descriptive. I’m glad I’m not that horny, at least I think I am. A nit pick is how will Cindy be able to pass the invention as her own, but I do tend to dive deep into the workings of stories and I shouldn't let factual difficulties get in the way of a good story. And it is a good story.

Moving on to "Just a Little Experiment." First, I’d like to ask a question. What’s the phone number and when can I start? Okay that’s two questions, but I’d really like to get on that program.

This type of drug testing goes on all the time, so there is a solid foundation to build on. Add to that the fact that few people actually read the papers they sign; just thinking of the money, and you have the story. The icing on the cake is the revenge she extracts from her former buddies. Very, very descriptive, I even picked up a few tips that I will try out later. The pictures just add flesh to the bones and help the imagination along a tad. The scene after the final transition was a bit limp in my view. I probably would have ranted a bit longer, but it’s only a very minor point in an otherwise fine story.

I did feel slightly sorry for her victims, sorry, former buddies, but they did enjoy themselves, didn't they? I know that Natalie did and that’s all that counts.

Well written and well thought out, I would recommend both of the stories for your enjoyment. I hope the author keeps adding to our site.

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by: Lisa Elizabeth

This author only has two stories here at Storysite. This is really a shame. In reading both of the stories, they are well put together, written and proofread very well. Both are in the sci-fi venue so they are not what I normally read, however, I did enjoy them both very much.

The first story I read was 'Virtually Busted’ This is the story of a computer genius that creates a virtual world that not only takes you into another computer generated world but, also makes physical changes to your body as well. He tricks his 'cyber-girlfriend' into letting make some changes to her. She finds out how he did it and reprograms things for revenge. To see how far Jerry has been changed into Geri, you'll have to read the story.

The second story is titled 'Just a Little Experiment'. In this one, Nate, is laid off from his job before he has enough money to go on spring break. He finds an ad to be an experimental subject for two weekends. The job sounds too good to be true. Therefore, he agrees to do it. The experiment is a transgenic DNA that turns Nate into Natalie. The rest of the story is how Natalie gets revenge on her so called college buddies and learns to accept herself as Natalie. This story was a little heavy on the XXX, for my tastes. But for those of you that enjoy that part of fiction writing, you will enjoy this story.

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