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  December 14, 2001

Today's Featured Author - Karen Anne Summerfield

by: Samantha Jay

First off, I’d better declare an interest, as we say in the UK, Karen is the one who has pushed, cajoled and threatened me into being an authoress.

Having said that, where do I begin?

How do you review an authoress who has more styles than you can shake a stick at and is proficient in all of them? An authoress who really knows her stuff? It’s a hard job, but someone has to do it.

Her stories are believable and painstakingly constructed; they paint a vivid picture and tempt the reader into them. Once hooked, you can’t wait to get to the next word. Her words dance along the screen and just when you are feeling comfortable, wham; you get hit right on the forehead.

The only criticism I have, is that with some stories, she leaves you hanging in midair, desperately trying to find out what happened next. You identify with the main character straight away, feel their joy, pain and anguish. You want them to overcome adversities and you cry at their misfortunes.

I would put Karen alongside the likes of Brandy Dewinter and Vickie Tern. If you want a lesson in writing, then read any one of her stories, see the way the paragraphs work. Marvel at her mastery of dialogue, gape in awe at her descriptive powers.

She currently has twelve stories and one part work under her own name and two under Cynetta on the site. All of them are excellent reads and, depending on your fetish, you would find all of them enjoyable. All of them are written from the soul and all of them have the power to inspire.

In "Kristine Kyncaid," we have a guy who’s out of work and his girlfriend is paying the majority of the bills. They strike a bargain and Kristine goes to work at his girl’s company, but as a receptionist. Okay as far as it goes, but this is a domination and humiliation story. Poor old Kristine has to wear a chastity belt and obey his girlfriend. A twist is that the key to the belt is kept by the boss, so that both Kristine and his girl are under the control of the boss. I won’t go into all the details but I really felt for Kristine.

I was a passive reader, safe in the world of anonymity, but after reading that story, I felt that Kristine would rebel. I even wrote a brief sequel of how I saw the rebellion occur and then I sent it to her. She was gracious and suggested that I write a story and submit it. It was a direct result of that story that I now contribute to the community.

Karen’s latest offering, "Melissa goes to School" is about a ‘girl’ who’s not only starting at a new school, but also starting a new life. You journey with Melissa through her first day, making new friends and joining the cheerleader squad, then experiences her first slumber party followed by getting ready for a dance. You get to feel what Melissa feels. One of the best scenes in this story, at least for me, is how Karen deals with Melissa having to go to the toilet. No problem you might say, but she is tied to another girl. The way it was written was brilliant, but then I’m biased.








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