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  December 07, 2001

Today's Featured Author - Sara UK

by: Samantha Jay

Sara has two stories on the site, one of which is currently up to four parts.

"Lie’s and Lace", a hugglebugs story, effectively is about experiencing life from the each other’s prospective and was nicely done. A small point, I would have thought that Kevin would have dressed slowly, sharing his enjoyment of the new sensations he was feeling with the readers, but, maybe Kevin was eager to be outside, relishing those new adventures, I know I would. Okay, when Dean showed up with Kevin’s sister, I smelled a set up, but that didn’t spoil my enjoyment. I liked the way Kevin was swept along, as if on a roller coaster, by both Ann and Dean. I have a habit of putting myself into the main character when reading and I found this one to be very rewarding. I really identified with Kevin and found myself imagining hi feelings and thoughts. I was scared when Ann showed up; I felt the thrill of being a beautiful woman walking down the street. I was there!

"A New Life" is a classic tale of ‘boy losing old life and finding new one’. Yes, I know the plot has been done before, but with so many authors and stories out there, it’s difficult to find a ‘new’ topic. It’s a difficult subject, as there are many good stories of this type and most of the different variations on the plot theme have been tried, but Sara has done a very good job. I thought the pace was a bit fast, but then I am getting on a bit and my walking stick only has one speed, slow. I really liked the dream scenes, I probably would have put them in a different type, but that would have spoilt the effect I suspect the author was trying to achieve. Overall it is a nice story with a happy ending, the type I like, and is well written. I bonded with Jenny, I smelt my fear in the back of the van, I felt the pain as I hit the road and I also felt the love and compassion of Sandra. How I wished I was that lucky.

Sara was first published on Storysite in July of this year, but I believe her writing has improved as she has gained confidence. She is one of the softer story breed, the style I like and I have no hesitation in recommending her work. My only criticism is, as I stated earlier, that I found the pace of the stories too fast, but that is just my view and you probably won’t agree with me.

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by:  Lady

Burgeoning new authoress Sara UK has contributed two stories this past year to the site. The first is a four part serial that could expand but can stand as is. The second is an addition to the growing "Hugglebug" universe of stories.

"A New Life" comes in four parts and like a Dickens novel each chapter leaves one waiting for the next. However, like Dickens, Sara uses the MAC attack approach to storytelling. No, this isn't some form of computerized writing nor does it have any special sauce. A MAC attack is the use of a multitude of astonishing coincidences to carry the story. This form is most often used in fairy tales which in many ways "A New Life" resembles, in fact, the Ugly Duckling tale comes immediately to mind.

On top of this Sara has chosen one of the most difficult forms of storytelling, a dialogue-driven story. Quite a challenge first time out of the box. For the most part Sara succeeds, although sometimes the dialogue is terse and uninformative. This tends to leave the reader in the dark as the dialogue is what drives the story and we go careening down the road a bit out of control. Still for a first effort the dialogue stands up well with certain scenes such as in the van in Part I being especially evocative.

As in most TG fairy tales clothes make the man - happy. To this end we are treated to several shopping expeditions which provide for the most non dialogue dependent portions of the story - getting dressed. If there is a major weakness is it the narrow focus of the main character's actions, at times seeming to simply be an animated Barbie doll. In part this arises out of the MAC approach in which everything the heart desires is provided to make the transition from ugly duckling to swan.

Sara's other story "Lies and Lace" plays on an equally frequent theme in TG stories, trading places although not quite a trade but more of a substitution story. The Hugglebug nanites are the vehicle used to allow the main character to check out the other side of the fence with a little twist added for good measure. Once again a light story with a happy ending.

With time and continued writing will come added depth in Sara's stories which will make the reading trip all the more worthwhile. For now her stories provide a most pleasurable afternoon's excursion.

Editor - Heather Sinclair


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