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  November 23, 2001

Today's Featured Author - A Happy Wife

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by: Lisa Elizabeth

A Happy Wife has written 16 stories here at Storysite. All of them short and fast paced. Trying to review each one would take longer than reading some of the stories. I will just give an overview, and allow you the pleasure of reading them.

Fifteen of the sixteen stories deal with Male Chastity Devices. Some are straightforward, others are decorated femininely, and all of them serve their intended purpose. The stories are written from various viewpoints. Some are seen through the eyes of the wife; some are seen through the eyes of the male character. In each story, our male character wants to be imprisoned as part of a fantasy. In most cases, the female lead takes to sissifying or feminizing her husband/lover. The catch? Less time in the Belt for wearing the feminine clothing!

The one exception to this is the story 'Girl Time'. Here a teenage boy has his stash of feminine things found by his Mom, Sister and Cousin. Mom decides the humiliation cure is the best way to proceed. They dress him as a girl and go shopping, inviting his girlfriend to meet them at the mall. You will have to read this one to see where it is heading.

The majority of the stories are well put together and follow along at a rapid pace. This does not allow time for you to become bored with the story. There are some cases of misspelled words and incorrect word usage, but not that often.

The stories by A Happy Wife are centered on the Chastity device and the negotiating of time released for being feminized. The only divergence is noted above and could possibly become a series. I look forward to more stories from this up and coming author.

by:  Kelly Ann

It's really not hard to understand why A Happy Wife is happy. She always gets her husband and boyfriends to do just what she wants. And, she has fun doing it. Her narratives on Storysite tell us how.

The recipes she uses aren’t big secrets, and they do use some of our favorite ingredients. To start with, of course, you must have a healthy dose of female domination, and please be assured that A Happy Wife is nothing if not dominant. Once you mix that with an effective chastity device, and she is a master with chastity devices as well, you are on your way toward shaping appropriate submissive behavior. Then, it's time to add girly clothing, big helpings of humiliation (even though it’s a secret treat for many of us), and before too long you've got yourself a sweet, femmy, submissive hubby or sissy boyfriend.

The thing about a good cook is that she can take everyday ingredients and turn them into absolutely delectable dishes. So too with a good writer. A Happy Wife really seems to have the touch because while many writers have worked with the ingredients she uses, she manages to whip them into the most scrumptious forms you’ll encounter anywhere. So, if you like the elements of TG fiction she likes to work with, then you’ll almost certainly love A Happy Wife’s little stories.

Actually, you can hardly call most of these little pieces stories. Many are hardly more than scenes, and almost all are monologues. But, don’t take that as a criticism. If a story is a meal, then these are more like mouth-watering candies. Given the high numbers of hits they have received (A Happy Wife had six stories on the most-read list and the two of the top four - see my, "What We Read" for details), I think it would be fair to say that they are the Godiva Chocolates of our genre.

This isn’t to say that these stories are perfect. For all her ability to skillfully blend ingredients, A Happy Wife has a tendency to get sloppy at times. Her punctuation is too often careless, she fails to use paragraphs properly, and she allows other annoying mistakes into her writing. All of these interrupt the flow of her stories, and, unfortunately at times, soften its punch because you have to stop reading to figure out what she means.

But so what? The situations and relationships A Happy Wife describes are erotic without being pornographic, they distill the essences of domination and humiliation into intense little doses that can make you slightly dizzy, and they seem to have a laser guidance system to the libido of all of us who, for whatever reason, love to read about domination, humiliation, and dressing up. As easy as these stories are to read, you can devour a whole bunch of them any time you want. Just be ready when you do, however, or you might end up not only short of breath, but a real mess as well.

Editor - Heather Sinclair


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