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  November 16, 2001

Today's Featured Author - Reising

by: Nelson

So far Reising has given us one short story that details a magical change.

The characters are Paul, the husband, and Karen his wife. As the plot unfolds, we learn that the change is the husband's fantasy of what his wife should be. He bases it partially on comments she has made and the rest is his own ideals. But we find she wants none of it and forcefully rejects him and his ideas. As we might expect, things happen so he undergoes the changes intended for his wife. The magic works and he is now a sexy bimbo-ish woman.

Reising does a fair job of the writing but the text needs work to make it more understandable. The spelling is good as is the word usage and there doesn't appear to be any typos. The grammar and structuring are reasonably good but the paragraph divisions don't set off the conversation changes properly. With the run together construction, it is very hard to pick out the changes of speaker. It gets better about half way through but that doesn't redeem the beginning. So far the story has attracted over 3000 hits. Maybe the shortness is one of the reasons.

Closing thoughts: If you are looking for a quick reading piece of fluff, then this will amuse you for about five minutes. However if you are looking for something to hold you attention for longer, look elsewhere. One oddity about this story is that someone has added a potential continuation and ending in the comments section.

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by: Sydney Michelle

Reising has posted only one very short story, but that was truly magical. The protagonist is hoisted on his own pentagram as Reising explores the consequences of a failure to communicate on a relationship. It is a short short story, so don't expect much more than the climatic moment. There simply isn't space for background and deep character analysis, but there is a truly tarty transformation for those into that sort of thing.

The story is primarily in well done, briskly paced dialogue that moves the story along rapidly. The desire to work magic, rather than the magical results, combines with a nice appreciation of the vagaries of living together to create the core of this story. Resing uses situational humor based on the classic misunderstandings premise very neatly. The humor is of the sly grin, I see the joke coming variety, that permits the reader a safe sense of superiority to the characters. The ending twist is very nicely done. All in all, a very nice read.

Besides putting dialogue from each character in the same paragraph, my only quibble with Reising's writing style is some overuse of profanity. Much of it works, but some of it interferes with the read as though the author were trying just a tad hard. There is a small problem with the beginning premise: an airline flight being early? Now that would really take magic! The real problem is that there is a stutter at the very beginning of the story. The story reads as though it had been partially written under a time line that changed without a full rework.

Given the one sample of Reising's work, it is a shame we have not seen more of it. The comments posted were positive, leading me to believe those who read the story would agree.

Editor - Heather Sinclair


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