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  October 19, 2001

Today's Featured Author - Rachel Ann Cooper

by: Jezzi Belle Stewart

Rachel Ann Cooper is Doctor Jekyll to Vickie Tern’s Ms. Hyde. Like most of Ms. Tern’s stories, the central theme of most of Ms. Cooper’s stories is that a smart woman manipulates and feminizes a rather stupid or clueless male before he realizes what is happening. Unlike Ms. Tern’s women, though, Mrs. Cooper’s lack a sinister self-centered, malicious side.

Although they may have something they want as a goal, it’s usually teaching an overbearing misogynist a lesson, or to make the male happier. They usually accomplish it in ways that don’t involve public humiliation, and the "slutty sex" and revenge factors are almost entirely absent. Sex is usually between the two as lovers with both giving and receiving pleasure. The woman benefits, the feminized male benefits, and the way to that ending is almost always pleasant and conflict free.

In "Attitude Adjustment", to stop the fights between her and her macho husband, a wife chemically feminizes her husband; he goes along with it because he really loves her and doesn’t want to fight with her either. In "Secretary's Day" a sweet effeminate young man is guided lovingly into womanhood by his mother and his female boss through the use of chemicals in his coffee.

Rachel Ann Cooper's women are nice and her men are usually basically nice under their boorish male behavior. In fact, I would say the defining term for her stories was Nice, The closest I could find to nasty women out for revenge was "Women's Work" Three wives hypnotically feminize their chauvinistic husbands, and even then, the women turned their men into ladies, not sluts. That Ms. Cooper can consistently write such nice stories without them becoming cloyingly sweet and overly sentimental is a tribute to her skill as a writer.

There are enough different types of stories - magic ("Samantha") adventure ("Spies are Maid not Born", a WW II yarn) funny ("Style") - to spice up the mix at Crystal’s. I’m glad that I did not sit down and read all of Ms. Cooper’s stories at once, but saved about half to space out over time and read now and then as a treat.

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by: Lisa Elizabeth

Rachel Ann is a very prolific writer; thirty-eight stories at Storysite. With that, many to chose from, it becomes difficult to review each one. So instead, I shall try to do a general review!

Her chosen genre is ‘unknowing transformations’. In most of the stories, the main character is transformed without his knowledge. Various methods for this transformation are employed, all are done secretly! There are exceptions to this, of course. One story involves a motorcycle accident, another the male lead knows what his wife is doing but continues out of love for her.

Where Rachel shines is in bringing the story along and making the reader feel that they are going through the transformation with the main character. Now, I do not have first hand knowledge of the effects of hormone therapy, so I do not know how accurate her descriptions are. However, they sound logical in my mind and thus, make the stories seem more personal.

Rachel also writes from a Mind Altering format, where video or audio has subliminal messages built in to change the person into a feminine creature. In each case, the more the tapes are viewed or listened to, the more feminine the male character becomes. He cannot help himself because of the subliminal conditioning. These stories also take the reader along the path to total transformation and life as a girl.

There are a few of the stories that left me asking... When is the next part coming? Therefore, I will tell you about them.

‘Chatham Prep School’ is a story of Eric landing a job as a teaching assistant. The school is ‘special’ and turns unruly young delinquents into sweet adorable girls. This involves subliminal training and hormones hidden in the food. It ends with Eric’s first day as Erica. I wondered if there was to be more to the story.

‘Silk’ is the story of Carl and how his wife, Lori, creates a silken trap and forcibly changes him into Carrie. Uses coercion, stealth hormones, etc. Finally, she comes out at work. The story is left open ended so there might be a sequel. Please?

‘Too Cute’ is the story of Marty. He is very androgynous. When his friend, Lisa, majors in biochem., they find out he has ‘Kleinfelter’s Syndrome’ and is more girl than boy. The story is unfinished, and stops where Marty has to make some choices. I hope Rachel continues this story.

‘Dominant Jean’ is a love story of a couple where the wife was abused as a child. She falls in love and gets married only to find old fears creeping into her life. She decides that if her spouse were more feminine and she more dominant, life would be better. This is the first part of a series. It ends when Danny’s brother comes home from an undercover mission as Marcia. Another story that I feel demands continuation.

Overall, Rachel’s stories are well written. She has taken time to make sure that the glaring mistakes are fixed. I’m sure there are occasional misused words and the wrong form of the word ‘to’ used somewhere in her works. However, these are fun to read and light enough to raise your spirits on a cloudy day. Give Rachel Ann Cooper’s work a try. I think you might enjoy them.

Editor - Heather Sinclair


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