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  October 4, 2001

Today's Featured Author - Marcia Spencer

by: Maggie Finson       

Marcia Spencer’s "Marcia" is lovingly depicted story of a young, effeminate male’s journey into increased femininity. The Protaganist, Marc, begins the narrative with a description of himself and his rather large hips and bottom (for a male) and the fact that he wears panties all the time because they fit better than male briefs.

Marc gradually moves himself into a more feminine state of being by imitating his mother, a widowed beauty who works long hours to support them. Consequently, Marc takes care of the housework, the cooking, and other traditionally feminine chores and lacks any kind of a male role model. Something which he doesn’t miss at all.The story takes Marc from a femininely shaped young male in his teens to a shapely young woman (in appearance) through the use of prosthetic breasts, corsets, and tucking his genitals away and out of sight. He first experiments with his mother’s clothing, then makeup, then styling his verylong hair in a female fashion. Through all of this, his mother is, if not a willingly active participant, then at least condoning the changes her son is making in himself. Once she actually sees him with the prosthetic breasts, wearing a corset, and her underwear, his mother becomes an active participant in his alterations. Until she gets sent to Europe on her job for a year. Deciding that Marc will not do well on his own, she arranges to have him stay with her sister, who lives across the country. And to stay with her as a girl. This is where young Marc truly begins to become the woman he has always wanted to be. The story is in two parts, both gentle, and containing no forced changes or the attendant humiliations often associated with those. This is a story of a willing young man becoming more of a woman than a lot of women born to it are.

The only downside to this one is it’s extreme gentleness, and the narcissistic quality of the tale. It is also evidently unfinished, as it leaves off with Marc (By then Marcia) in her aunt’s home and learning the many ways of becoming an attractive woman in public.

If you like stories with many mainstays of TG/TV fiction, this one will bore you, I’m afraid. If you like a variety, and are able to read through the whole length of a story themed in this manner, you’ll find yourself a real gem.

The pacing is a bit languid, in keeping with the general tone of the writer’s approach, and has no glaring lacks in grammar or structure. A soft, enjoyable read for anyone needing a change from forced fem tales, or the more frenetic Sci-fi, fantasy, and domination stories out there.

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by: Lisa Elizabeth

Marcia Spencer has only one unfinished story here at Storysite. It is titled ‘Marcia’. The first two chapters deal with Marc’s infatuation with how lovely his mother looks and his attempts to look and act just like her. He starts out, as most of us did, with a little secret crossdressing. Marc is a loner and stays at home to do all the household chores; basically a ‘latchkey’ child. He spends his time cleaning and cooking for Mom, who is busy earning a living. Eventually he starts to emulate his mother. Wearing her clothes, all the time showing up for dinner with lingerie under his clothes, etc.

The story gets a little confusing towards the middle of chapter two. Here there are days he wears a dress for dinner and a nightgown during the evening, but his mother does not notice. Then the next day he is running around trying to hide the fact he still has on lingerie. Mom finally notices that something isn’t right when Marc serves dinner wearing glued on falsies and a deep blue lace trimmed corset, under a silken robe. Mother apparently accepts her new daughter and life goes on. Then Mother is called to work in Europe so Marcia has to go live with his Aunt Elaine.

Aunt Elaine knows all about Marc/Marcia and tries to see just how serious she is about living as a girl. A lot of teasing and innuendo during their initial three weeks together. After that, things settle into a routine. Aunt Elaine designs a corset for Marcia that will help reshape her body into a more feminine figure. With the exception of bathing, she wears it 24/7. The story stops at this point and is waiting for Marcia to finish the next section of the story.

Overall. Marcia writes very well. Now, in my own case, I had to have a dictionary handy, in order to look up some rather large and not often used words. The side benefit of this is that my own vocabulary has been increased! Not a bad side effect for reading fiction, huh? I sincerely hope that Marcia continues this story. I forward to seeing what happens to Marcia during her stay with Aunt Elaine.

Editor - Heather Sinclair


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