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  September 28, 2001

Today's Featured Author - Stacy Bolan

by: Maggie Finson       

Stacy Bolan’s work is generally short enough to be read easily in one sitting, and is told in an engaging, first person style. The narrators do tend to ramble, just as real people do at times, but also seem to bog the story down at times with their observations. Her entries run the gamut from science fiction as in "Peeping Tom" where an alien invader begins converting human males into females who also pass the change along, to simple TV in "My Sister’s Panties" where the protagonist gets interested in cross dressing by originally wearing a pair of his sisters underwear.

With this wide range of subject matter, just about anyone could find a category they like among the author’s stories. "An Adopted Life" is in mystery format where a young woman awakes in the hospital with absolutely no memories of who she is. On top of that, she has a husband and two children and the husband is not at all what he originally seems. Her search for those lost memories, and the other odd events make this one an interesting read even if the reader has probably twigged to who Sarah used to be.

"My Heart’s Desire" is a nasty little story with a totally unlikable character getting his just deserts by being forced to enact the victim’s revenge on those who harmed her, himself included. Give this one a XX rating for incest.

"Obsession" involves the reunion of two childhood friends who were more than friends. "A Little Knowledge is a cautionary tale that nearly sounds autobiographical in some aspects. "Jury Duty" and "Heirloom" are magic stories with some ghosts tossed in for additional interest in "Jury Duty".

Now come the spoilers. The author’s pace is often erratic, with some areas of the stories glossed over where more detail would have greatly improved the tale. One, Heart’s Desire, is incomplete, and several others have unsatisfying conclusions. Editing and work on grammar would have helped these stories, as breaking up some long paragraphs would have by improving continuity.

The author’s tales are often difficult to read because of these problems, but "Heirloom" "A Little Knowledge", and "An Adopted Life" are worth the trouble.




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