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  September 21, 2001

Today's Featured Author - Tigger

  by: Lisa Elizabeth

Question: How does one review one of their favorite authors?

Answer? Take a deep breath and re-read all of their works. Then try to be objective!

This is a very difficult thing to do. When I received this author for review, I was so excited I almost couldn’t stand it. I will state up front, I LIKE Tigger’s writing! Now that the ‘statement of bias’ is out of the way, on with the review.

One of the things Tigger seems to like to do is write alternate endings for stories. This is shown in ‘A Change of Direction’ and the ‘Season of Change’ series. In the first one Tigger has taken a story written by Mike Allegretto and Caitlyn B. and redone everything after Chapter 5. You really must go read the original to understand the changes. In the second series, not only does Tigger complete Mr. Lawrence’s story, but also he has developed a ‘Universe’ around the J. Thompson Academy.

I have to admit a very strong bias towards the ‘Season of Change series’. I find the stories of Michelle, Darla, Kendra and Caitlyn to be wonderful. Aunt Jane is quite a taskmistress who demands perfection, yet leads her transformed charges into the world of self-discovery through her little games. I could probably do the entire review on this series! From the beginning of ‘Petticoat Discipline’, through the realization each young man has about Aunt Jane, each fear driven task, each humiliation, is designed to tear at their ego and allow something other than arrogance to come in. I believe that if all you see in this series is humiliation, fear of discovery and the ‘thrill’ of dressing, you are sadly missing the point! I may be wrong! If I am, I am sure Tigger will let me know. As long as each of these stories is, they are well worth the time to read.

A Change of Direction is a magic story. His mother, who is also a transformed male, has transformed the main character into a female. All part of ‘The Sisterhood’. They are the good that helps to keep evil in check in our world. The story revolves around our hero, Jacqui, and how she comes to terms with being transformed. It also deals with her grooming, for her part in the battle ahead. A lot of physchological thriller in this one. Please remember to go find the original and at least read the first four chapters of it before starting this story.

‘The Sultan’s Heir’ was written for a story contest at Sapphire’s Place. I believe this may have been the first story of Tigger’s that I read! Set in the land of Sultans, it is a tale of a boy who must become a woman in order to stay alive! The Sultana wishes a toy for the Prince, one that is ‘special’. I am currently having a ‘Blonde Moment’ so I do not remember if it won or not. Go read the story to see what happens!

Loving a Witch is another magic story that gives one a unique perspective on a couple’s relationship. Melisande really does love Jeremy! The situations that Jeremy ends up in, due to magic, are entertaining and very sexual. I think, as a flight of fancy, this story is a good one.

Spirited Dominance is love story! A story of Nathan who’s wife/mistress was taken by a drunk driver. It is a celestial story with the spirit of his wife leading him through healing. Very touching in a Dom/Sub sort of way! I was almost moved to tears myself!

‘Change of Orders’ is a sci-fi story. As in all of the above creations, Tigger puts full effort into it. The situations seem real and the outcomes are plausible based on current technology. Anyway, Allain becomes Elaine when administered a life saving serum. Naturally, the wrong serum is used and the second part of the story deals with being a man trapped in a woman’s body. Eventually Elaine is recruited to help catch the ‘bad guys’ that caused all of this in the first place. It is set in a naval setting and uses military terms that may be foreign to some readers. After a while the terms are defined by the context of the material but, since I was never in the military it took me a minute to determine their meaning. A good story and worth reading, even if you are not a sci-fi fan!

As you could tell by this review, I am a big fan of this author. From the beginning to the end, Tigger uses proper grammar and spelling and carefully proofreads everything before it is posted. This makes it easy to sit back and enjoy what this furry author has produced. I would recommend a large glass of your favorite beverage and a big comfortable chair, because once you start one of these stories, you are going to be there a long time. They truly are that hard to put down.

  by: Nelson

I must admit up front that Tigger is on my favorite author list and very near the top of it. He is a fairly prolific writer. He currently has ten stories (seventeen parts) posted at Story Site, twenty-two stories at Fiction Mania and thirty-three stories at his own site. And he hasn't limited himself to just one type. He has written within the areas of magic, scifi, crossdressing and femdom. He has done much in the seven years since his first work was posted somewhere.

Tigger has written seventeen stories containing domination but only one has made it onto Story Site. Four of his eight TG stories and five of his seven "Seasons" stories have made their way onto Story Site. Sadly, one of his best stories hasn't made the transition yet. "A Study In Satin" is a very imaginative alternate version of Sherlock Holmes.

Tigger's "Seasons" series features 'Aunt' Jane Thompson and her faithful assistant Marie. This series of stories is based on a story written by Joel Lawerence titled 'Seasons of Change'. Originally, Tigger wrote an ending for the incomplete story. Then, he wrote an expanded alternate ending. This led to the series as we find it now. The premise of the series is change through petticoat punishment. The concept works much like basic training, break the student down then build him back up the way he should be. Each story has two 'students', the old student and the newcomer. Usually the story concentrates on the new student but the effects on everyone are included. The story generally ends with the older student returning to his male life but with a new perspective.

The heading of other TG contains changed by magic or future technology, crossdressed domination and other or multiple keywords. Posted on Story Site from this group are: A Change of Direction, Loving a Witch, The Sultan's Heir and A Change of Orders. A Change of Direction and Loving a Witch are based in a universe where magic is real and used to cause the change. A Change of Orders is futuristic and uses advanced technology to cause the change. The Sultan's Heir is set several centuries ago and encompasses several categories. Each story shows a different side of the author and his detailed descriptions of the events formed in his imagination.

Spirited Dominance is a ghost love story with a backdrop of domination games. The plot revolves around a man who has lost his wife. His continued grieving and refusal to socialize with their friends causes his wife to return to him in the form of a ghost. The story contains some interesting twists and turns.

All of Tigger's work is well written. I have to believe he has a very good proofreader or editor, possibly Brandy Dewinter. The grammar and spelling are consistently very good with only very minor mistakes in one or two stories. I wish more writers would attain this level of writing.

Not all of Tigger's stories will appeal to everyone but I encourage you to look at them and choose the ones that hit your fancy then sample the excellent prose he has created for our enjoyment. Normally, I don't bother to read domination stories but the quality of his writing has caused me to at least sample his variety of the genre. And I enjoyed one or two, which I can't say about the works of other authors in this field.

Sadly, as I finished writing this, I found out that Tigger's site is no more. It was a casualty of the changing character of the internet, the lose of free sites. I hope he can find somewhere to revive the scratching post because it was the only place several of his stories could be found.

Editor - Heather Sinclair


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