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  September 14, 2001

Today's Featured Author - Britney

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  by: Lisa Elizabeth

Sadly, Britney has only two partial stories posted at Storysite. For those that enjoy Stories with Images, this is a shame. Britney writes a very basic story and uses the images to let the reader see what is happening to the characters. Plot intricacies and character development are minimal. The stories are simple and straightforward.

Britney's artwork is the mainstay of her stories. In 'Alexis', she uses the images to help tell the story of Alex’ punishment by his sister, Katie, by turning him into Alexis after his mean prank. Along the way, Alexis and Sarah decide to get back at Ken for the teasing he is doing, and turn him into Kendra. The story stops after the first day of starting school in their new genders.

In 'Making the Band' our hero becomes a heroine. Being small and short, he is convinced to wear three inch heeled boots while with the band to increase his height. Unfortunately, this story stops with the first chapter.

Britney's art is what seems to draw her readers. It appears to be 'anime' based, leaning heavily on the large round eyes and long thin legs of that genre of art. All are very well done! I asked for an opinion of the artwork from my wife. Britney's artistic talent should be encouraged in both the written word and the graphic form.

I can only hope that Britney will continue writing and adding her images so that all of us can enjoy her creativity. 

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by:  Sydney Michelle

A major attraction to Britney's two stories are the illustrations, somewhat of the computerized paper doll variety. They do give visual depth to the stories. We must give Britney creative credit for that effort which amuses.

Britney's story lines have not been classified as "Sweet" but that would be right on the money. There is no anger, no rejection, and no sex in the stories. Despite the "Bad Boy to Good Girl" category of "Alex's Life," I've seen more sibling fighting over who got first crack at the Sunday funny papers. The boys may not be secretly dressing, but they aren't very resistive either. Even any embarrassment potential is thinly written and strictly internal. "Making the Band" is incomplete with only one segment. It's not difficult to see where it could go, and reviewer comments were quite positive. However with a year's hiatus, I have little hope for more on this one.

The story's logistical premises are of the blatantly author convenience variety, not to be confused with a "how to" primer. Adults are simply facilitating devices, neither obstacles nor truly involved in the situation.

Britney's writing style is somewhat more complex than the first blush read would lead one to believe. Still the writing is so predominately in short declarative sentences that the read tends to cloy. The writing while short, runs toward the "first this, then that" organization. Consequently we are told of the characters emotions rather than shown them.

There is a difference between the way ninth graders write and the way they talk and think. Britney has selected the former to portray her central characters. She has a tendency to put dialogue from multiple characters in the same paragraphs. The writing is so straightforward that it's not difficult to sort out the speakers, but it is another sign of an evolving writing capability.

What Britney has submitted elicits an "Isn't that nice?" reaction. If what you read gets too heavy, if what you need is a simple smile, then Britney's writings will do, once or twice through.

Editor - Heather Sinclair


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