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  September 07, 2001

Today's Featured Author - Cathy T

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  by: Lisa Elizabeth

I have chatted with Cathy T, on and off, since we were both fledgling authoressess. Therefore, it has been fascinating to watch her grow as a writer.

Her very first story is ‘Signed, Sealed and Delivered’. This is a multipart sci-fi, body suit, mind altered, alien technology story. All of which is cool for those of us that grew up watching ‘star trek’. Cathy does a wonderful job of weaving an interesting story for the first eight chapters. Chapter 9 wraps up the story very quickly. Cathy wrote a note at the end that she was not sure where to go with the story, so she let it end itself. I am very much tempted to ask her to go back and start writing from the end of chapter eight! Now that she has written more stories and is more comfortable with her writing, I believe that she could make the ending more consistent with the rest of the story. From strictly a reader viewpoint, I thought the story could go for another eight to ten chapters before it was finished. Questions I was asking when it ended? Just who is this Dr. Kulwicki and his transplant technology? What do the Arkanians look like? What about this DNA altering drug? Will the body suit ‘age’ with the wearer? Is ‘Link’ REALLY our friend? Cathy T please answers these questions!

The second story is ‘Luck be a Lady’. This is a multipart sci-fi story involving an Alien crash and strange technology. The operator of the equipment can modify their looks and change their body shape. However, in this case, the only forms available are female. There are currently eight parts posted to this story and we are getting to the point where you do not want to stop reading! Cathy spends a lot of time writing descriptions of emotion in the characters. It has helped give the reader a better view of the person being talked about. In some cases, she makes the paragraph a sentence. This makes it a little tough to read. I found almost too much information trying to be given in a single burst. Otherwise, I look forward to the next chapter of this flight from the MIB.

‘First Kiss’ is an autobiographical tale on Cathy’s experience in Germany. She was in the Air Force and attended a costume themed celebration. After extensive shopping and a salon visit, she was ready. You need to read this one! It is truly funny and written very lightheartedly.

"Halloween 2000’ is another true life story. In this, one Mike gets to become Cathy for an entire day at work! It is for a Halloween party for the residents of a care center. Cathy does not disappoint anyone. She goes all out to portray the normal working lady. To say she was successful? You will have to read the story!

"A Day at Work dressed" is the last story I read. It is the third ‘True to Life’ story that Cathy wrote. This time she is working as a security person for a department store. An idea is hatched to ‘masquerade’ as a female and shoplift as much as possible. A test for the employees, so to speak. Cathy gets the approval and she and a friend are very successful at what they do. To find out what happened to the store’s employees, you will have to read the story.

What I noticed about Cathy-T’s writing, is that the true to life stories, are written in a very relaxed, easy format. The two sci-fi stories appear to have been harder to write. It feels like she is trying to be all things to all her readers. It is this reviewer’s opinion, that if Cathy would write, like she did for the true stories, her work would flow in great quantity. If she did this, poor Crystal would have a hard time keeping up with all of the posting!

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by: Lady

Somehow when I read Cathy t I picture her much like the syndicated cartoon character "Cathy." Why do you ask? Because the cartoon "Cathy" gives us a detailed and amusing look at the life of a single female and in much the same manner Cathy t gives us a look at a single male becoming that single female. The details of dress and interpersonal relationships are well thought out and carry much of her two fiction stories to the enjoyment of her readers. However like the cartoon "Cathy" there is a lack of closure or fulfillment if you will because the plotlines to her stories don't have the same strength as her characters.

"Signed, Sealed, and Delivered" starts off with an interesting premise but comes to an abrupt and hurried ending that leaves more questions than it provides answers and leaves one wondering about the original premise itself. However often the journey is much more fun than arriving at your destination and in the case of Cathy t this definitely applies.

Her second, as yet not completed story reads like an ongoing version of "The Fugitive" meets "Men in Black" only with a much more interesting disguise. Here the journey is the story as Cathy t delves into her main character's learning to interact and bond with several female characters in her guise as one also. Cathy t's real life employment in loss prevention has honed her eye for detail and it shows in her descriptions of clothes, makeup, the little things women do and say, all of which add up to a very convincing picture in your mind. If one doesn't worry or care about where the story is going to end up you'll find both stories a highly enjoyable read. If you need closure and strong plotlines you may be disappointed. On the other hand, Cathy t has also written three real life vignettes which, because they actually happened, don't lack a solid plotline and thus are fulfilling in all aspects and many of us will find much to identify with in these slices of real life. Cathy t's true strength in writing is revealed more fully here and if she can marry the strength of real life plot lines to her wonderful ability to describe the world of women and a man lost amidst it we will be doubly blessed.

Editor - Heather Sinclair


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