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  June 29, 2001

Today's Featured Author - Angie "kitn" Hughes

by: Lisa Elizabeth

This review will be short! Ms. Hughes has only written part one of a story titled 'The Goddess' Blessing'. A magic story where the main character has learned enough witchcraft to complete a transformation from male to female. She finds the transformation puts her in a world where she had always been a female, right down to having her 'monthly'. The story includes a 'familiar' named Baidh who, in the form of a cat is trying to teach and protect Tracy.

The story is progressing nicely and there is an evil subplot developing, however, this is where the story stops! We are left hanging, wondering about the future of our heroine, Tracy.

I would suggest you read part one and then send 'Kit'n' a note. Encourage her to add the next installment to this story. I know that is what I am going to do right now!

by: Terry             

Angie "Kitn" Hughes has presented Crystal’s Story Site with one story entitled The Goddess’ Blessing. Unfortunately, the story was only the first part, having been posted on November 19, 2000, and leaving the reader with a cliffhanger with no conclusion. However, this doesn’t take away from the fact that Kitn has written a very intriguing story warranting a read.

The main character, Tracy, is transformed early into the story with no sequences. Tracy’s transformation is accomplished by way of witchcraft. From there, the story becomes a delightful mixture of mystery and discovery for Tracy. She represents the symbol of what many of us search for; the enjoyment and appreciation of the ordinary, everyday life of a female. Her life is described in flowing detail with attention given to her clothing. Her discovery is two-sided in that Tracy has found herself embroiled in a controversy with her one-time friend as a male. She must also find her opponent who is trying to steal the power she has obtained through her transformation. She must first find out who this person is.

Imbedded in nearly the center of the story is a subtle message for many of us. In it, Kitn has emphasized that no change comes free of charge. There are opportunity costs involved in making our wishes come true and we have to be prepared to accept them. A fact many of us overlook.

As mentioned before, her only contribution is an unfinished work but it is worth reading. I would suggest to those who have read this story and have enjoyed it, email Ms. Hughes and ask her to finish cutting this gem. It is apparent to me that she has talent and it would be a waste for her not to explore her talents further within the body of this tale. Let’s hope that she completes this story and continues bringing us more tasty entrees to satisfy our palates.


Editor - Heather Sinclair


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