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  June 15, 2001

Today's Featured Author - Marti B.

by: Lisa Elizabeth

Marti Brown is quite a diverse writer. She has written stories from many aspects of TG fiction, Fem-Dom, Forced, chemical or drug induced, mind altered, coerced, pure fantasy, salon and magic. Each story was well thought out and time taken to make sure that the story fits the category and stays true to itself. Now whether this took a lot of effort or just came naturally to her I do not know.

As far as her ability to write...other than a few grammatical problems and similar sounding words used in places where they cause the reader to stumble, she puts the story together quite well. Characters are developed quickly and she brings the story to a conclusion nicely. I had been reading her stories before being asked to review them so this was a joy for me.

"Realization" is a femdom, sort of 'unwilling but really wants to' story of a man, Tim, who becomes 'Tina' through the careful manipulation of a lady known only as Suzanne. You are guided through each step of the transformation and to the final scene, where Tina realizes this was what she really wanted. The story makes you think. At each step of the adventure, there are doubts, there is a desire to turn back, but Tina continues on. Sometimes forced, sometimes coerced, sometimes by her own choice. A story that makes you wonder, 'Is this the right choice'.

"Jamie's Mistress" is a short story of a man that becomes so caught up in his fantasy that he loses his family and becomes a hooker. The story is short and to the point, the twist at the end will surprise you.

"Reunion Masquerade" is a story of college friends. Paula convinces Tom to become Terry for her ten-year reunion. Tom thought his being TG was a secret but Paula knew for a long time. She and her former schoolmates convince Tom to do the masquerade for a trip to Hawaii. The transformation sequence is refreshing as it allows Tom to see all the steps to becoming Terry. In the end Terry does a lot of inner searching and decides to start a new life.

"Two-fifteen" is a story from a hairdresser's perspective about one of her clients. She relates how starting to work on Gerry as a shy young man and becoming more adventuresome as their confidence improved. It goes through highlights and styles and eventually our hero is the subject of a makeover at a TV support group. This leads to a self-realization and Geri becomes reality.

"Under Covers" is Marti's first magic story. It is a good one! The premise revolves around Richard and his dealings with a ghost of an old witch. The curse states that no heirs of the town shall exist, so the teenage boys are transformed into girls. The thing is, nobody seems to notice, except for the last person to be transformed. You should read this one.

"Just a Temporary Flaw" is a TG story of the Forced, Chemical, and Mind Control genre. Martin is the owner of a company and hires an Executive Secretary named Julie. Julie, along with co-conspirators, enjoys transforming her employers into successful women. This story goes through one such transformation of Martin into Marti. The hormones in the coffee, a doctor that uses drugs and hypnotic, subliminal tapes, all add up to the eventual outcome. Marti becomes a very successful woman.

The last story I read is "Natural". This is a multi-part story of Joe who has a real problem with his desire to crossdress. When he looks in the mirror he becomes disillusioned and tears everything apart and sulks. Marti introduces us to 'Aunt Mary'. The take is similar to the 'Season of Change' series in that it is a journey of guided self-discovery. Aunt Mary, Veronica and Victor are the therapists and the approach is much more acceptance oriented. The story stops with Joe/Janet finally starting to see that he can be accepted as a female. I know that there are only three chapters posted. I only hope that Marti is working on the next installment.

by: Cayli

I found Marti B. writing style to be perverse, unique and positively fun to read. I call her style perverse for a few reasons:

I found that "Jamie’s Mistress" is a part of her own mind; split personality maybe. I'm not qualified to answer that. In the last sentence of the story she wished she could find a real mistress. The Mistress of his mind directs Jamie to make significant changes in his life; he does as he is told. He is directed to have electrolysis for the removal of his beard, permanent cosmetic applied to his eyelids, eyebrows, and lips. "She" has him move into an apartment in a section of the seedier side of the town. Another change is to take up the life of a prostitute, if he wanted to make money - then he had to act and dress the part of a "ho".

In "Just a Temporary Flaw", we have an owner/manager who is very compassionate and considerate of his employees with one minor flaw, he is male. So in comes Julie, whose mission is to correct that flaw, which she does with great success. The story was a nice change from most female triumphing over their male boss’s stories. I have a problem or two with this story, please explain why he was feminized in the first place. Was it just because he was male? I really would like to know. A second problem was, who hired Julie in the first place and from where did she come from. It is a sweet story of forced feminization, but really these questions need to be answered. If you like Femdom stories, you will like this story.

In "Realization", Tim, our hero/heroine is enthralled with Suzanne, a mysterious exotic beauty, which he met on his second to last flight with the airlines. He learns that this meeting was essential to him being accepted into the special sisterhood of Suzanne’s girls. He agrees to undergo the bizarre changes that Suzanne demand of him in his attempt to be with her. "Tim/Tina" undergoes body waxing from neck to toe including the crack of his arse, a wash and cut, to a more feminine style, the use of permanent hair colour on his head to change him from a mousy brown to a vivid coppery auburn. All this, clothing and what not for one unforgettable night with Suzanne. He realizes he is losing control of his life, and he seeks to reestablish it.

Suzanne finds out about his unsuccessful attempt, and she reacts with a vengeance. She has Tim/Tina undergo other body, mind and emotional adjustments, until Tim/Tina realizes it was all done for her benefit. In real life, how many of us would honestly undertake such a trip into a completely foreign lifestyle to be with our "angel". I don’t have an answer, but it would be nice to know.

Marti B does a great job in developing her storyline, the thoroughness of the story is complete, and she does not get into explaining every little detail of the storyline, but gives the readers enough material to form their own imagery of the story. In and of itself, it is like a mystery for us the reader to solve, "who, what, where, why and how" are all part of the equation that Marti Brown uses to give us an added bonus. As I said in "Just a Temporary Flaw", where did Julie come from, why was she there to change Martin into Marti, these and other questions are left for us to answer. Can you answer them?


Editor - Heather Sinclair


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