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  May 04, 2001

Today's Featured Author - Darlene LeQueene

kimmie oh                     

The belief in the power of feminine clothing to transform is common to all TVs and virtually all TV fiction. In the stories of Darlene LeQueene, this belief is taken to the max. The formula is relatively simple. If you feel sexy wearing 2" inch heels, you will feel five times sexier wearing 10" inch heels. The same goes for makeup (get out your trowels!), hair (you’re getting the Marge Simpson whether you like it or not!), and breast forms (think MM as in monstrously mammoth). Okay, I’m exaggerating a little—just a little—but I’m not trying to make fun of Darlene’s work. Not at all. What Darlene is doing in her stories is very daring and very transgressive. She is pushing the TV philosophy to its logical—if absurd and surreal—conclusion.

Darlene has five stories on this site. There are three shorter tales: "Sissy Salon", "Mother’s Love Doll," and "I Understand". Her two longer stories "TV Isle" and "Rehabilitated" bring together and amplify the themes of the three shorter, first-person stories. For the characters in LeQueene’s stories, clothes make the women and the more extreme and fetishistic the clothing the more the transformation is complete. The idea is not just to turn the male into a woman; it’s not even enough to exaggerate his female role by making him a slut. No, Darlene seeks to transform her male victims into true sexual objects. To accomplish this end, she uses her radical transvestism to push the sexual role of female clothing to its very extreme. Generally speaking, Darlene doesn’t generally need to employ bondage, hormones, surgery, or mind-control (although there is some hypnosis to help things along). These devices, where employed, are incidental. As the dominatrix in "Sissy Salon" tells her male victim "Your clothes are you bondage and your new femme beauty is your pain."

The result is Darlene’s conception of the ultimate fetishistic sex object: a totally improbable creature "whose only purpose in life was to tease then suck and fuck.." So says the 15-year-old victim in "Mother’s Love Doll." Witnessing his transformation at the hands of his mother and her friend, a female doctor, the boy, named Darlene, is most likely speaking for the author, when he pronounces the LeQueene aesthetic with the revelation: "Everything about me was going to be over the top." True enough. Here is a composite of the perfect LeQueene woman: gigantic 50s bubble-style hairdo with banana curls, chandelier-type rhinestone earrings, a nine-tiered rhinestone choker, 10" heels with 5" platforms, false eyelashes so heavy it requires an effort to open one’s eyes, 2" red nails, hobble skirt, lots of cheap necklaces, bracelets, and plastic earrings, a belt buckle with rhinestones spelling the word "cunt," and measurements of 60MM-22-36. The character in "I Understand" says it best: "To anyone else she would have looked ridiculous, but to me she looked fabulous."

As for the stories themselves, they are highly-literate, well-written, and in the case of "TV Isle" and "Rehabilitation," which I would consider her crowning achievements thus far, stylistically inventive. All of these stories share common elements. There is, of course, the exaggerated transvestism. There is also a high degree of verbal humiliation even in stories where the male victim is a willing participant. And in all of these stories, but one, the male victim is a willing participant, to a greater or lesser degree. The only story in which he isn’t willing is "Mother’s Love Doll." If you have a problem with nonconsensual transformation, especially with an underage boy, then you’ll want to stay away from this one. You will also find a strong salon theme running throughout most of these stories, with an emphasis on hair, curlers, and makeup. A staple of Darlene’s fantasy is the scene where the sissified male sucks—and is sucked by—another sissified male.

"Sissy Salon" and "I Understand" are Darlene’s most realistic stories. "Sissy Salon" describes the experience of an older, balding sissy who visits a dominatrix who makes his dream of transformation a reality. "I Understand" tells the story of a lonely man who meets a woman who shares his passion for extreme slut-wear. Dealing as they do with imperfect characters coming to terms with their uncommon fantasies, these stories are more tender and touching than the others, although still filled with LeQueene’s stylistic fetishism. "Rehabilitation" and "TV Isle" are Darlene’s most fantastic stories—in more ways than one. "Rehabiliation" is the story of a woman and her staff who transform federal convicts into submissive sissy girls. "TV Isle" describes the exploits of a rich, retiring madame who brings closet TVs to her private island so that she can transform them into the girls of their fetishistic dreams. The structure of "TV Isle" is ingenious. We follow the transformation of eight characters in eight different sections. The characters are: the little girl, the french maid, the TV whore, the drag queen, the high fashion model, the hooker, the housewife, and the fetish model. Using this ingenious conceit, Darlene is able to provide something for everyone. Well, just about everyone. She did miss "the secretary" and "the two-headed cat-girl."

There will be some who just dismiss the stories of Darlene LeQueen as weird, highly specialized sex fantasy. This is a mistake. Even if you cannot follow Darlene where she goes sexually, she is definitely worth reading from an intellectual point of view. What she is doing is both thought-provoking and philosophically important. If, however, you also happen to be into fetishistic transvestism and have not yet discovered the stories of Darlene LeQueene, wow, are you in for a treat!

Lisa Elizabeth                 

A bit different is the way I would describe Ms. Le Queene's work. Very much into the 'ultimate' sissy experience. I would normally review each story and give an opinion however; I do not think that would give Ms. Le Queene a proper review.

Her writing style takes you through the world of exaggerated femininity. Very large breasts, tiny corseted waist, average hips. The mild bondage is from the tightness of the clothes and the makeup is ALWAYS overdone and slutty. As I read the stories, I thought about the reality of the situations. 60MM-22-36 these measurements would make 'Barbie' look like a malnourished waif! 8-10 inch platform heels would allow most TVs to look eye-to-eye with Shaq!

But is this bad? No! This is fantasy! In addition, it tends to carry you along with it. The completion of makeup in the 'Tammy Fae Baker' tradition, i.e.: overdone and very dramatic, just adds to this exaggerated fantasy. What if...? As I stated earlier, all of the stories are fetishistic, even the one titled "TV Isle", which allows the reader to go through eight variations of fetish. All play on a different theme, all are made to sound plausible.

I have not figured out the lure of her stories yet, but I know that once I started reading them, I wanted to finish the one I was reading! About the third story, I noticed that at some point, my mouth would go dry, and my breathing and heart rate would increase. A very unladylike bulge in my panties accompanied this! I have not figured out what part caused this to occur. However, I can tell you that should Ms. Le Queene post more stories I for one will read it and see if this phenomenon continues.


Editor - Heather Sinclair


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