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From the Comfort of their Favorite Armchair
  April 20, 2001

Today's Featured Author - Laurie Satori


Lisa Elizabeth

I went back to read Laurie's stories and was delighted to see that these are all stories I had thoroughly enjoyed reading the first time. Being a reviewer just gave me an excuse to read them again.

This is what the 'Armchair Review' was started for! Here is an author that has five wonderful stories posted at Storysite. If you are a new reader or just have not looked at Laurie S.'s work in awhile it is worth the reading.

'The Hit' was a fun romp. It was well thought out and flowed along so that you did not get bored while reading it. The fact that this was a paying job made it all the more fun to watch as it unfolded.

"Enquiring Minds' an obvious spoof on the 'Tabloid' industry. As a celebrity double, life is good, but when asked to pull a prank on a tabloid writer our heroine jumps at the chance. It would seem to me that it would serve some of the 'journalists' right for a similar situation to occur. Without giving away the ending, I think that Mr. Mark Harris got his just reward.

'Catch Her’ is a classic Halloween tale with a twist. No magic but an ending that is only eluded to in the closing moments of the story. It focuses on the college life of 'Hold'em' and how he is manipulated into the costume of a Showgirl. The transformation and party sequences are very good and I appreciate the way the story progressed.

'The White House Affair' is a take on our former president's indiscretions. Only with a fertile mind would there be a CIA, TG twist. Well written and keeps you interested throughout the entire story.

"Catch Her in Disguise" Another of those long overlooked treasures. Our main character takes on a job as a waitress in a reprise of his costume in 'Catch Her'. Does a convincing job and is living the convincing dual life of Male student/ female waitress. Looks at the confusion of being in that situation and some of the struggle that goes along with it.

In conclusion, I would give Laurie S.'s stories a '3 thumbs up’, I know I only have two but I would borrow the extra one from somewhere! I can only hope that she will grace us with more stories in the future.


Heather Sinclair

Laurie's premiere story, "Catch Her", on Crystal's opens with a tribute to J.D. Salinger’s The Catcher in the Rye.

The story in itself is a classic; college boy loses card game and has to dress like a girl for an upcoming costume dance. As you see the storyline, in and of itself, is nothing we haven't seen a hundred different times. What makes it so different and so appealing is Ms. Satori's style.

The use of Salinger's, in your face, rhetoric makes this story a hit in my book, " ‘cause it’s more fun than staying home and squeezing your zits." This line and many others lure you into what comes next.

When I finished reading "Catch Her" I was eager to move on to its sequel "Catch Her in Disguise". Needless to say I was expecting to see more of the same style only to be slightly disappointed when it seemed to take a vacation. The sequel was much different than its predecessor, and it seemed as if Ms. Satori had developed a style all her own.

In my opinion, the new style would be put to better use with a new storyline, which she tries her hand at later with a Britney Spears clone in "Enquiring Minds Want To Know." You can defiantly tell Laurie had a lot of fun when she was writing this one. Humor flows, and payback is a bitch. I wonder if Laurie is like this in real life? I can just picture her sitting at a table paging through old copies of "Dirty Tricks" books.

This was followed with a Clintonesque send off in "The White House Affair," and lastly, "The Hit." This was an extremely well thought out storyline, which is executed with killer instinct. By the way it has a wonderful ending. Of course, I 'm a sucker for intrigue stories, so she had me form the beginning.

Laurie has found her style and sharpened her talents in several different categories, which shows off her diverse nature. She is a very easy read. Character and plot development don't seem to be lacking, nor does she go overboard into novel length descriptions as so many authors tend to use for their "short" stories.

Whatever the case, Laurie has a winning talent and I hope she uses it for longer fiction in the future.

Editor - Heather Sinclair


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