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  March 30, 2001

Today's Featured Author - RJMcD


LADY JANE, one of three stories posted at Crystal's, leads one down a familiar path until, not without a bit of warning, the path seems to fade a bit and leaves one wondering, "What did I miss here?" Careful reading will alleviate this and make you see that the fate planned for the hero is not quite so bad as the vindictive ex-girlfriend imagined it would be.

"The Sisters Of Athernia" is a continuation and
completion of a work begun by Diane Christy.  It IS a long one, with the two posted parts reaching over 400K, but it is definitely worth the read.  Again, we have the common plotline, 'boys become girls', but with a twist that makes the trip worthwhile.   Well written and virtually error free, as are all of RJ's efforts, the reading goes faster than one might think it would.  There's also a shocking twist ending, but you'll have to read the story to find out what it is!

"More Of A Challenge" contained more graphic sex than I like.  As a matter of fact, all three of these stories had more explicit sex than _I_ like to read, but who am I to decide for anyone else, how much is too much?  It is a well written tale, although a bit more predictable than the other two. 

All in all, these are three well written and well
thought out tales that I am sure will please any
reader who is willing to take the time to sit and read them.  The plotlines were pretty good and the characterizations were very good. I say that, knowing that two of my OWN tales are as long.  Meticulous proofing has ensured that all
three of these tales are virtually error free, both in usage and spelling, always a plus and, combined with good plots and believable characterizations, causes me to give RJMcD a thumbs up on his work so far.  I look forward to RJ's next posting.  For me, the sex could be toned down considerably.  For you... that's YOUR call as the readers.

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kimmie oh            

The stories of RJMcD are long and they are X-rated. But if you like forced femme, extreme mind control, wicked femdom, being made to love a man and don’t mind something a little edgy thrown in, then don’t let the length or X-rating of RJ’s tales keep you away. Unlike many stories with X-ratings, these are thoughtful, psychologically compelling, and extremely well written. In fact, they are written in such a clean style and are so well paced that they read like stories half their length.

My favorite of RJ’s stories is "More of a Challenge." This is the delightfully wicked tale of two friends, Donny and Eddie, who are kidnapped and taken to the mysterious hideaway of a rich and powerful man who intends to transform them into beautiful female sex-slaves. Sure, it is a stock situation in TG-fiction, but it’s one that RJ makes fresh with excellent writing, some original touches, and compelling psychological realism. The boys’ first lesson in submission comes when they are given the instruction to masturbate each other. The thoughts racing through their minds as they try not to get aroused are really erotic. After that it’s one humiliation after another: the usual staples of this kind of fantasy (I’m not complaining!). You won’t want to miss the penis fountain scene. RJ does a great job of showing the progression of Donny and Eddie into girls, including their considerable resistance, and it is the description of this psychological process that really keeps the story both original and hot.

For all of the sex found in "Lady Jane," it is once again the psychological process of boy becomes girl that is the true soul of the tale. John has just broken up with his girlfriend Heather. The majority of the story is really rather sweet. Heather’s plan is to have John be her slave for two weeks. During that time she will treat him as a slut in order to humiliate him. But, unexpectedly, John—now Jane—actually shows a natural inclination to being a girl, especially when it comes to giving oral sex to Heather’s boyfriend, Bobby. You have to read the descriptions of oral sex in this story to believe the level of painstaking detail. It’s simply amazing! While there isn’t much action outside of the sex, a lot is going on inside Jane’s mind, as he discovers that he is falling in love with Bobby in a very romantic way—and Bobby is falling in love with him. His desire to please and his concern that Bobby, who knows what Jane has in his panties, will ultimately reject him are extremely touching. While on the surface seeming nothing more than a raunchy sex romp, this is a very thoughtful, moving, and realistic story. No hormones, operations, mind control—just a boy in a dress trying to look pretty and sexy. The real theme of this story is revealed by the observation that RJ puts into the mouth of Jane’s lover Bobby: that being a girl is as much a state of mind as it is a state of body. Bravo, RJ! Read "Lady Jane." You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll learn some really neat tricks on giving head!

Finally, there is "The Sisters of Athernia," a two-part conclusion to a story originally begun by Diane Christy. But you don’t have to read the original to follow RJ’s contribution. Although Diana and her three friends have already been transformed into pretty 20-year-old women on this island of engineered boys and girls, there is plenty of psychological transformation to be done. And this is where RJ excels. In fact, in spite of the X-rating, there really isn’t that much explicit sex in this story. RJ shows that you don’t have to write about sex acts to be sexy. Instead, he concentrates on describing the distress Diana feels as she and her friends are married and become the "perfect" wives to their new husbands. The mind control is all pervasive. She finds herself chattering away happily about shopping, or she can’t help putting her hand affectionately on her husband’s thigh. Her memory of the man she was before seems to have only one purpose: to humiliate and torture her. In this story, the guys never come to grips with being women—well, I won’t say never, but I don’t want to spoil the ending—and that is what makes it so wicked and so perversely sexy.

In the empty reader’s comment section of "Lady Jane," RJ has requested that readers write to say whether they enjoyed the story or not and whether they would like to see more like it. So far, no one has answered. But if you like the kind of stories described in this review, then you should really check out RJ’s superior work. And if you’d like to see more such stories by this very talented writer of forced femme, please take the time to say so!!!

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