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Armchair Reviews


Published Date Author Reviewers
03-02-2001 Sandra Ariel Davidson Julia Manchester
03-09-2001 Amanda Stone Rocketman Heather Sinclair
03-16-2001 Karen Anne Ames Rocketman Julia Manchester
03-23-2001 Vickie Tern Ariel Davidson Jennifer Jane Pope
03-30-2001 RJMcD Cathy_t kimmie oh
04-06-2001 Bethany Jacques Ariel Davidson Julia Manchester
04-13-2001 Christopher Leeson Ariel Davidson Lisa Elizabeth
04-20-2001 Laurie Satori Lisa Elizabeth Heather Sinclair
04-27-2001 Mardee Louise Prynne kimmie oh Sydney Michelle
05-04-2001 Darlene LeQueene kimmie oh Lisa Elizabeth
05-11-2001 Constance Grant Julia Manchester Heather Sinclair
05-18-2001 C.M. Ellis Lisa Elizabeth Nelson
05-25-2001 Zoe Burgess Kelly Ann Rogers Lisa Elizabeth
06-01-2001 Emmie Dee Janet Stickney Debbie Cybill
06-08-2001 Dee Nelson Lady in Disguise
06-15-2001 Marti B. Lisa Elizabeth Cayli
06-22-2001 Prudence Walker Cathy t Lady in Disguise
06-29-2001 Angie "kitn" Hughes Lisa Elizabeth Terry
07-06-2001 Karen Flynn Kelly Ann Rogers Sydney Michelle
07-13-2001 Dawn DeWinter Kelly Ann Rogers Debbie Cybill
07-20-2001 Jacki Pett Lisa Elizabeth Kelly Ann Rogers
07-27-2001 Lisa Elizabeth Lady in Disguise Nelson
08-03-2001 Scrambler J Nelson Maggie Finson
08-10-2001 Rose2 Nelson Lady in Disguise
08-17-2001 Sara Barndt Lisa Elizabeth Sydney Michelle
08-31-2001 Janet Stickney Kelly Ann Rogers Heather Sinclair
09-07-2001 Cathy T Lisa Elizabeth Lady in Disguise
09-14-2001 Britney Lisa Elizabeth Sydney Michelle
09-21-2001 Tigger Lisa Elizabeth Nelson
09-28-2001 Stacy Bolan Maggie Finson
10-04-2001 Marcia Spencer Maggie Finson Lisa Elizabeth
10-11-2001 Heather Sinclair Lisa Elizabeth Julia Manchester
10-19-2001 Rachel Anne Cooper Jezzi Belle Stewart Lisa Elizabeth
10-26-2001 Farah Daye Kelly Ann Rogers Sydney Michelle
11-09-2001 Rei McCall Lisa Elizabeth Sydney Michelle
11-16-2001 Reising Nelson Sydney Michelle
11-23-2001 A Happy Wife Lisa Elizabeth Kelly Ann Rogers
12-07-2001 Sara UK Samantha Jay Lady in Disguise
12-14-2001 Karen Anne Summerfield Samantha Jay
01-18-2002 C. Black Samantha Jay Lisa Elizabeth
01-25-2002 Daedelus Kelly Ann Rogers Lisa Elizabeth
02-01-2002 Brandy Dewinter Nelson Geoff
02-15-2002 Annalise Barker Samantha Jay Sydney Michelle
02-22-2002 Crystal (C. Sprite) Debbie Cybill Maggie Finson
03-02-2002 Julia Manchester Lady in Disguise Terry
04-19-2002 Paul G. Jutras Samantha Jay
05-13-2002 Diane Sutton Lisa Elizabeth Nelson
05-20-2002 Samantha Jay Lisa Elizabeth Heather Sinclair
05-31-2002 Steve Matyas Lisa Elizabeth Lady in Disguise
06-17-2002 Virginia Kane Samantha Jay
07-19-2002 Emily Ross Samantha Jay Lisa Elizabeth
07-26-2002 Kimberly Kennedy Nelson Lisa Elizabeth
08-17-2002 Jennifer Jane Pope Samantha Jay Lisa Elizabeth
09-13-2002 Sean McBride Lisa Elizabeth
09-21-2002 Jane Lincoln Lisa Elizabeth
10-25-2002 Anne Browning Lisa Elizabeth




With thousands of stories on StorySite, it's understandable that the works of some authors may not be seen very often. This is especially true for authors who no longer post. Armchair Reviews is an attempt to spark new interest in stories that may be missed because readers tend to concentrate on newly posted stories.

Each edition of Armchair Reviews will cover the work of a different author from the perspective of two columnists. Above all, the columnists will be honest with their reviews, but will seek to highlight the positive aspects of the author's works.

The frequency of the editions will depend upon the number of columnists available to write the reviews. At present, we'll post new editions each Friday.


Our volunteer columnists :

Please keep in mind that the amount of work necessary to write one column can easily surpass the effort it takes to write a story. Each columnist's name is a mail link, if they have provided one, so that you can express your appreciation for their efforts. If you are interested in joining this elite group, please contact Lady.



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